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Google’s Performance Max brings generative AI for advertisers

Google has launched new AI powered features where users can generate headlines, descriptions and images for ads.

Google introduced Performance Max in 2021, as its first AI-powered product spanning across all Google Ads platforms like Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. Over the past two years, marketers from businesses of all sizes have been using the tool to navigate through consumer trends.

With the new advancements, advertisers can effortlessly generate fresh text and image assets for campaigns. Using Google AI's capabilities, these assets will target customers across various performance inventory and formats on Google. Moreover, Performance Max will track performance data when suggesting or creating new assets, ensuring that the same creatives are not displayed and the ads achieve optimal results.

Advertisers and agencies now have the ability to generate different sets of headlines, descriptions and images to choose from. Google Ads offers to compare and simultaneously work on two images at once. 

With Product Studio in Merchant Center Next, one can leverage the power of AI to enhance product images before incorporating them into the campaign, complementing the lifestyle assets effortlessly.

Following the AI principles, Google is using SynthID to invisibly watermark the images created with generative AI.

The new AI tools will be rolled out as beta to all customers in US by the end of 2023.

Hero image credit: Google

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