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Government, in a crackdown against lending and loans, bans over 200 apps

Some of the banned apps had Chinese connections.

The government has banned over 200 apps including 138 betting apps and 94 loan lending apps on an “urgent” and “emergency” basis says a Mint report. Some of the banned apps had Chinese connections.

This move was initiated after analysis revealed to the government that these apps attract Section 69 of the IT Act as they contain "material which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India.”

A major reason behind the move is to act against several complaints of harassment and extortions from these apps; after taking a loan, the lenders would raise the interest by up to 3,000% annually.

The government, as per Mint, has found that 94 apps are available in e-stores and that others are working through third-party links.

Since 2020, India has banned several Chinese apps including TikTok and WeChat over national security concerns.

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