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Growify announces partnership with Meta to optimize operations

With thispartnership, Growify strives to solve operations concerns such as ad accounts on hold, payment issues, and other support issues.

Growify, an integrated creative and digital marketing agency, recently announced its partnership with Meta to assist its clients in optimizing their advertising efforts and improving ROI.

As a Meta agency partner, Growify strives to solve operations concerns such as ad accounts on hold, payment issues, and other support issues that typically take days to resolve. Growify will also be the first to test any new Meta features before they are made available to the general public.

Growify is able to test out new features from meta first, we are able to receive quick assistance on any matters related to business accounts. And we are able to participate in their workshops and training experiments.

Growify's comprehensive knowledge of Meta ecosystems enables them to assist clients in optimising their advertising efforts and increasing their return on investment.

Founded by two dynamic entrepreneurs in their 30s, Rishab Mehra and Disha Bhatnagar, our platform is dedicated to empowering e-commerce businesses to reach new heights in the digital world.

Rishab, a visionary idealist and tech maven, has paved his way as an accomplished entrepreneur. With a trail of successful tech startups like Skippo and Musejam under his belt, he continues to push boundaries. Now, Rishab unveils his latest masterpiece, Growify, a testament to his unwavering vision and dedication. Get ready to witness innovation at its finest, as he leads Growify into a future where possibilities are boundless.

Disha is a multifaceted talent, adorned with an array of feathers in her cap. With her prowess in digital marketing, UI/UX design, and brand development, she exudes a remarkable skill set. Having crafted over 15 exceptional apps and platforms across various nations, Disha's creative touch knows no bounds. Presently, she orchestrates an awe-inspiring sales machine, serving as the pulsating heart that keeps Growify thriving. Brace yourself for the driving force behind innovation, as Disha continues to weave her magic and propel Growify into new horizons

Speaking on the partnership, Rishab Mehra and Disha Bhatnagar, co-founders of Growify said, "With our deep understanding of the Meta ecosystems, we can help brands optimize their advertising efforts and improve ROI. We also aim to solve operations issues such as ad accounts on hold, payment issues, verification and other support which takes in general days, in 24-48hours as an agency partner of Meta - Growify Digital"

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