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IAS partners with Pinterest and Reddit to provide AI-driven measurement to advertisers

IAS's Total Media Quality product suite will be available for Reddit advertisers later this year.

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, has announced a partnership with Pinterest and Reddit to provide AI-driven measurement to advertisers.

The partnership with Pinterest will provide global advertisers with greater transparency into campaigns across Pinterest's in-app feed through IAS’s AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) Brand Safety and Suitability product.

“Marketers are looking for brand safe destinations to reach highly engaged audiences across demographics as they look to safeguard and scale their brands,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS. “The launch of our AI-driven Total Media Quality for Pinterest reaffirms our commitment to giving advertisers the confidence that their spend is being allocated towards appropriate environments.”

As part of Total Media Quality (TMQ) for Pinterest, advertisers get access to Viewability, Invalid Traffic (IVT), and Brand Safety Measurement within IAS Signal, the unified reporting platform that delivers the data and insights advertisers need to easily manage their digital campaigns.

“In partnership with IAS, we are excited to offer brand safety to our customers and give them greater confidence in their advertising strategies through best-in-class technology,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer of Pinterest.

“Pinterest is committed to providing a shoppable, positive platform for consumers, and our work with IAS will ensure advertisers can engage with the right audiences as they move from inspiration, to consideration, to conversion.”

Similarly, Total Media Quality for Reddit empowers global advertisers with industry-leading brand safety and suitability, viewability, and Invalid Traffic (IVT) measurement.

“Reddit continues to be a leader in contextually relevant conversations, with a breadth of opportunities for advertisers to reach its highly engaged communities,” said Utzschneider.

“Our partnership will give Reddit customers additional confidence that their ads are appearing alongside content that aligns with their brand values via reliable and accurate data, so they can focus on driving business growth within Reddit’s uniquely valuable archive of human experience.”

IAS’s Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement complements Reddit’s user and brand safety investments, which includes human moderators and AI-driven moderation tools, brand safety content detection, and customizable Brand Suitability controls.

“Third party validation underscores our commitment to equipping Reddit advertisers with the tools they need to confidently grow on our platform,” said Jim Squires, EVP of Business Marketing and Growth at Reddit.

“With IAS, we’re giving our clients a clear understanding of where their ads are appearing and how they’re delivering on Reddit, increasing confidence and allowing them to focus on what matters: developing  their campaign strategy and creative.”

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