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Jio Haptik launches Gen AI-powered customer experience platform Contakt

It allows any brand to adopt a ChatGPT-like solution for its customer lifecycle.

On December 6, 2023, Jio Haptik, the enterprise conversational AI platform, announced the launch of Contakt, a generative AI-powered customer experience suite driven by large language models (LLMs). This suite is crafted to elevate user experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, allowing every brand to implement a solution akin to ChatGPT.

The company states that Contakt provides customers with self-service options and automates routine tasks, enhancing agent productivity through co-pilot offerings. Moreover, the suite's analytics engine facilitates the monitoring of bot and agent performance, optimising for improved customer outcomes through AI-powered recommendations.

In an interview with Mint, Aakrit Vaish, chief executive, Jio Haptik, indicates that entities currently conducting pilot programs for the platform include brokerage firm Upstox, e-commerce platform Tira, Starbucks, and the Indian School of Business.

“We are seeing increasing business demand, and the maturity of the technology means that clients are now looking for more sophisticated chatbots and assistants—instead of basic conversation platforms that are in place so far," he adds.

Haptik's declaration follows the announcement made by the chatbot platform on November 20, 2023, introducing its own generative AI-powered chatbot platform in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

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