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Meta allows users to activate and deactivate ads through the “Link History” feature

Users can retrieve their browsing information, contributing to the delivery of more refined targeted ads.

Meta has recently rolled out a fresh feature named "Link History" within its Facebook app. This feature stores links clicked by users for future reference. Additionally, users have the option to disable this feature, preventing Meta from retaining such data. According to the company, "Link History" safeguards users from losing website links accessed through the Facebook app by storing them in their accounts.

According to an article from The Verge, activating the Link History toggle allows Meta to display a compilation of links viewed in the in-app browser over the past 30 days. However, the toggle does not provide details on whether it continues to track users once they enter a website. Having the feature enabled also permits Meta to utilise the gathered information for tailoring more personalised advertisements.

Meta has been monitoring the data users browse through its in-app browsers. This function serves as a means to present a list of links for users to revisit later. It also states that activating link history may result in the utilisation of that information to enhance ad targeting.

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