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OpenAI rumoured to launch its search engine, marking a significant development in the tech landscape: Report

OpenAI's search engine seeks to challenge Google's dominance in the search market.

According to an article on India Today, OpenAI's ChatGPT may soon roll out its own search engine and further challenge Google, potentially by May 9, 2024. Jimmy Apples, a technology analyst's post on X, has sparked speculation about OpenAI's search engine, indicating that the company is considering hosting a gathering on May 9, 2024. 

OpenAI has been recruiting a team for organising events since January, and they hired an events manager last month. Jimmy also observed that the company has been busy, developing more than 50 new asynchronous subdomains since April 24. If the rumours are accurate, OpenAI's rival to Google Search could be released prior to Google I/O on May 14, 2024.

Reports indicate that OpenAI is creating a search engine product to rival Google, with some assistance from Bing. CEO Sam Altman showed interest in merging large language models (LLMs) with search to improve methods for assisting individuals in locating, utilising, and consolidating information.

This is in line with what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella previously said about incorporating OpenAI's GPT models into Bing to compete with Google. The possible launch of a new search engine by OpenAI is a major advancement in the tech industry's search sector, aiming to go beyond current search methods and offer users improved ways to find and use information.

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