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PubMatic releases new Playbook for Mobile App Publishers in APAC

Report Outlines How APAC Mobile App Publishers Can Capture Increased Brand Spend.

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced the launch of a new playbook for mobile app publishers, The Brand Opportunity Playbook: How mobile app publishers in APAC can unlock global brand spend.

The playbook outlines how mobile app publishers in the APAC region can leverage increased interest from brand advertisers in the format to drive incremental revenue. Mobile in-app has long been associated with delivering short-term performance goals, however as more consumers migrate onto apps, brand advertisers are increasingly embracing the channel to deliver long-term business goals, including brand objectives.

The playbook explains benefits of leveraging brand spend for mobile app publishers in APAC and identifies key challenges publishers must solve in order to capture spend.

“Digital brand ads do what traditional advertising was built to do – be memorable, change opinions, and stay with users long after they see the ad. Unlike direct response or performance ads, brand ads require no action from the user, which means publishers can benefit from ad revenue without users having to navigate away from their app,” said Lashanne Phang, senior director, Mobile at PubMatic.

“But to access global brand demand, it is important for publishers understand brand advertisers’ expectations and to work with an SSP partner that has strong relationships and access to key media buyers in the desired markets.” Added Phang.

Some key factors mobile app publishers should be aware of include:

Changing user expectations: The value of users is rising. As preferences evolve, publishers will need a deeper understanding of their users, their tolerance level of ad serving, and which ad formats will be least disruptive to their experience.

Privacy regulations and targeting: As more industry giants make moves to protect user privacy, app developers are increasingly required to comply with new practices to remain on app stores.

Standardized ad formats: As the market for mobile and in-app advertising scales, using ad formats that meet Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards is critical to capturing global spend. Conversely, not adhering to these standards can result in a publisher’s ad revenue taking a serious hit.

Publishers can find insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by increased brand advertising interest in mobile app, including:

• An overview of the trends driving in-app advertising and brand spend.

• Key challenges and opportunities for app publishers today.

• Actionable tips on how mobile publishers in APAC can capture global brand spend.

• How to select the right SSP partner.

• Insights into how a leading casual games mobile app leveraged PubMatic's solutions to exponentially increase its revenue.

Download the report here to learn more about how PubMatic’s solutions can improve your app monetization strategy.

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