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Stars N Stripes announces their new content publishing page

Launched on Instagram, page focuses on telling short stories centred around the theme of ‘Love.’

Stars N Stripes co-founded by Rahul Sheth and Kunal Gavankar announce the launch of their new content publishing page- In The Air on Instagram which focuses on the topic of 'Love.'

Launched in December, last year, the page was founded by Rahul Sheth, co-founder and business officer, and Kunal Gavankar, creative head and co-founder of Stars N Stripes. With a passion for spreading love and laughter, the duo saw a need for a platform that would showcase the lighter side of relationships and even offer people an opportunity to connect, share their experiences about love, and learn from one another.

While the central theme is love, In The Air offers a variety of content, including funny videos, memes, and jokes about relationships. The page is designed to be a place where followers can unwind, de-stress, and have a good laugh. Apart from videos, viewers can also browse through some inspirational quotes, personal stories, and even some interesting advice on building strong relationships.

"Love can be challenging at times, but it's also a source of joy and laughter," says Rahul Seth, adding "With this page, I hope to bring a smile to people's faces and remind them that love can be fun and light-hearted."

On the other hand, Kunal states that they believe in creating relatable content that is very basic yet insightful and humorous. "The best thing about our content is that it is all spontaneous. The idea is to connect with today’s youth, who enjoy light and fun content. There is no blueprint or PPT’s happening in our office. It is just a group of like-minded people creating content for fun."

In a short span of five months, the page has already gained an impressive following of more than 18K followers, with several reels and videos reaching over 2–3 million views. The engagement on the page has been exceptional, with over 4 million shares, likes, shares, and saves.

Talking about the positive response to their new initiative, Kunal says, "As of now, we have posted more than 60 reels on the page and have received encouraging feedback. At Stars N Stripes, we are thrilled to see an overwhelming response to our new initiative, "In The Air." We are excited to continue creating content that resonates with our audience. We invite everyone to join us on this journey of love and emotions.

Rahul explains that everything that is put out on the platform is curated in-house, "All the content that you see on the page is conceptualised, written, shot, directed, edited, and even the people who feature in it are all a part of Stars N Stripes. Once an idea is constructed, the team starts brainstorming the screenplay, which takes a lot of effort in order to create original content and dialogue. There are times when we shoot it but aren’t happy, and we go back to do it again.”

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