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YouTube expands its ad blocker crackdown to include third-party apps: Report

YouTube videos viewed through an ad blocking app may cause performance issues or error messages for users.

According to a report on The Verge, users who access videos through third-party ad-blocking programs may experience buffering problems or error warnings when YouTube introduces its ad blocker policy to mobile devices.

The action comes after a global campaign launched last year to get people to subscribe to YouTube Premium or accept advertisements while watching videos. Third-party apps are not permitted to disable advertisements because doing so would prohibit the platform from paying creators for views. AdGuard and other mobile ad blockers that let users watch videos inside the ad-blocking software are the target of this.

YouTube's API Services Terms of Service must be complied with by third-party apps in order for them to access the API. YouTube advises downloading the ad-free YouTube Premium to stay away from this.

Although viewers using ad-blocking programs may not be happy about this, YouTube is still determined to fight ad blockers.

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