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YouTube rolls out early access to new experimental features for Premium members

Earlier this year, YouTube surpassed over 100 million global subscribers for its Music and Premium services.

Premium users will get access to more features to elevate their YouTube experience. Today, it has shared some of the newest Premium features available to subscribers.

Premium subscribers will get a first look into some of the exciting features that YouTube is testing.

Smart downloads for YouTube Shorts: With smart downloads, users automatically get a fresh batch of entertaining Shorts downloaded to their phone, ready to watch whenever they're offline. Whether riding the subway or jetsetting on Airplane Mode, they’ll always stay connected with their next favorite Shorts.

Conversational AI: YouTube’s conversational AI experience is back on Android devices in the US. This assistive tool can answer questions, suggest related content, and more, all without interrupting playback experience. Users can access the tool by tapping “Ask” beneath select videos and begin by asking questions about the video or selecting a suggested prompt.

Redesigned Watch Page: Subscribers can now experiment with a redesigned watch page YouTube is building on web to improve the viewing experience and make it easier for them to find related content and engage with comments.

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