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Ampverse and Muhfaad join hands to launch a gaming anthem 'Rivalry’

The anthem will be released on Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music, Gaana, Savan, and Wynk Music.

Ampverse, a gaming community, has introduced a unique gaming anthem Rivalry, representing a significant milestone in the esports gaming revolution. This collaboration features the Ampverse teaming up with Muhfaad, one of India's emerging and acclaimed young rappers to foster unity among gamers.

The gaming anthem commemorates the narrative of a college student with dreams of becoming an esports player, showcasing the obstacles, triumphs, and evolution from being underestimated to gaining acknowledgment. It underscores the passion, commitment, and achievements within the gaming world, simultaneously depicting the conflict between the life of a student and the pursuit of aspirations.

Muhfaad and upcoming renowned rappers and musicians combined the music and rhythm with gaming, crafting a gaming anthem that resonates profoundly with gamers across the nation.

Ashwin Haryani, country head, India Ampverse, commented, “We are extremely enthusiastic about unveiling this unique gaming anthem, which is a perfect blend of esports, music, and pop culture. Muhfaad's musical brilliance has conveyed a storyline that resonates perfectly with the gaming community. It heralds a new chapter in esports marketing, promising a fresh and resonant approach. We are eager to advance in this space and provide the youth of India with top-notch gaming accessibility.”

Muhfaad adds, “Music has been my ride-or-die forever, and we set out to craft something that hits home with you guys. We chose rap to lay down our message in a way that connects with our audience. Honestly, we were kinda of skeptical at first, like, can these two worlds really vibe together? But guess what, we smashed those doubts and showed that pure magic goes down when you blend different worlds.”

The gaming anthem is set to take center stage across all College Rivals social media pages, alongside the social platforms of musician Muhfaad, gaming influencers, and key stakeholders across the gaming ecosystem.

The video will also be released on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music, Gaana, Savan, Wynk Music, and more.

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