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Game streaming platform Loco introduces influencer loyalty programs to boost advertiser interest

Anirudh Pandita, founder, Loco, shares that a new feature on the platform called ‘Quests’ will boost the engagement between creators and audiences on the platform.

Public attention and content consumption patterns change constantly, and advertisers have to adapt their strategies accordingly. As the digital space has now become the most preferred medium for content consumption, multiple content genres have emerged. Gaming content has emerged as one of the most popular of such genres. 

The market for this content has led to many platforms arising in India. Gaming and live-streaming platform Loco was established in 2020. Its founder Anirudh Pandita tells afaqs! that the app has grown by seven times, in terms of users, since then. According to data from Sensortower, during the last year, Loco achieved a 65% market share (by DAU) in the game streaming sector.

“Gaming allows users to just hang out and, hence, it’s like a social space. With consumer attention moving to games, every stakeholder of the attention economy - whether it’s creators, media executives or advertisers - are moving their time and budgets towards gaming content." Pandita anticipates a much greater flow of advertisers’ capital and attention towards gaming content in the near future.

Talking about the advertiser interest that Loco has received till now, he shares that endemic brands to gaming and FMCG brands have actively pursued this space for marketing and advertising as of now.

On the occasion of the platform’s third year anniversary, Loco will come out with new ad inventory formats to make it more convenient and lucrative for advertisers.

“We’re planning to introduce new interactive products that the advertisers can really take advantage of. We plan to create a real engagement between the advertiser and the consumer,” Pandita shares.

Loco will soon introduce a feature, called ‘Quests’. With this feature, it plans to bring wider audiences on the platform. The informative tool will introduce people to the world of gaming.

‘Quests’ will serve as an educational tool for new users and become a loyalty club for power users. The feature will be customised over time for every individual content creator so that they can run loyalty programs for their own audiences in the way they see fit. This can begin with better recognition in stream with badges for 'Fan', 'Top Fan', or 'Super Fan', and result in users getting custom meet and greet, personalised shout outs and customized merchandise.

It really gives advertisers new tools to connect with potential customers that they didn't have earlier, according to Pandita. "It can be as simple as if you watch five streams of a particular influencer, you can get a perk that can be sponsored by the advertisers. Or a brand can say that we are taking top supporters of a particular influencer out for an event. So they can really start also engaging with the audience in a way which they cannot do on other platforms," he adds.

Pandita further asserts that Quests is the beginning of introduction of new features that will be releasing over the next 12 months to increase the interactivity inside the app and enhance the fan experience.

In addition to this feature release, Loco also hosted a week-long series of live streams featuring creators with a combined following of over 5 million on the platform. This includes some of the biggest names in the gaming industry such as Alpha Clasher, Tbone, Mamba, The Bella, Eagle Gaming, MenAtArms, TXA Gaming, 8bit Goldy and Vltfa2, all under one roof to perform a series of thrilling challenges, heart-pumping games, and exciting IRLs that are sure to leave fans at the edge of their seats

“We have a bunch of tournaments and content pieces, going forward. We want to focus on getting people organically and let our content do the altalking for us,” asserts Pandita.

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