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NODWIN Gaming partners with Global Esports Federation to serve as a portfolio management company

The partnership aims to concentrate on emerging markets in South and Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

NODWIN Gaming, the South Asian gaming and esports company, today announces the agreement with the Global Esports Federation (GEF) to become the Portfolio Management Company (PMC) for key global emerging markets across South and Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Southeast Asia. This collaboration marks a milestone in NODWIN Gaming’s ambition in driving the growth of gaming and esports globally, by leveraging its expertise and leadership position in emerging markets worldwide.

The GEF convenes the dynamic, ever-evolving esports ecosystem including the adjacent industries and diverse network of global impact partners. Established in 2019, GEF has flourished to over 155 member federations engaging billions of #worldconnected athletes, players, and fans.

Firmly dedicated to its mission and universal values, the GEF has evolved to become an authentic voice of the esports community, elevating the industry’s legitimacy and credibility at a global scale. Furthermore, the GEF plays a role in cultivating emerging technological development, user, fan, and brand experiences that enable innovation in gaming while ensuring the sustainable growth for esports and limitless opportunities that inspire the world’s hyper-connected youth.

(L-R): GEF CEO Paul J. Foster with NODWIN Gaming's Akshat Rathee
(L-R): GEF CEO Paul J. Foster with NODWIN Gaming's Akshat Rathee

With strategic partnerships with industry giants and a proven track record of organising gaming events and lifestyle festivals, NODWIN Gaming has now acquired exclusive rights to create and market GEF-licensed esports events in more than 20 countries such as India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, in addition to the entire continent of Africa.

As a PMC, NODWIN Gaming also secures non-exclusive rights to host GEF-licensed events globally, which paves the way for synergistic collaborations amongst the company's subsidiaries and strategic partners worldwide. NODWIN Gaming’s recent acquisition of the Turkey-based Ninja Gaming readies the company for endeavors in Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa, while its Singapore-based experiential marketing powerhouse Branded focuses on the Asia Pacific region. With its equity investment earlier this year into Freaks 4U Gaming, a full-service gaming and esports agency in Germany, NODWIN Gaming will tap into potential opportunities in developing GEF-licensed events in non-exclusive regions through the agency’s European as well as endemic and non-endemic network.

Akshat Rathee, co-founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming shares his insight on the partnership with GEF: “The world of esports is evolving towards true global celebration of esports titles across the world. GEF truly epitomises the hopes and aspirations of all the developing world markets that NODWIN seeks to develop. We believe our partnership with GEF will bring the best of esports opportunities to the youth of the emerging world.”

Mario Cilenti, COO at GEF, commented on the partnership: "We are thrilled to have NODWIN Gaming on board as our Portfolio Management Company for the South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa markets. Their capabilities and extensive experience make them ideal partners to advance the Global Esports Federation’s mission and further engage with esports communities across key growth regions.”

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