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Creating good B2B content marketing strategies is tough

But our guest author provides some tips.

The unsaid thought that comes to mind when it comes to success and the people who've accomplished something is that they have done something extraordinary. On the contrary, you should try thinking of it as a job executed exceptionally and not consider the occurrence an exception. This reminds me of the age-old saying - "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently". A good strategy always plays a crucial role in the success of any plan.

Creating good B2B content marketing strategies is tough

Vinay Singhal

Content marketing seems to be flourishing all over the globe and evidently, when 90 per cent of B2B companies opt for content marketing, it validates the fact enormously. Though, when it comes to ruling the market and leaving an imprint of the products and services marketed through content marketing, consumers ensure growth and prosperity.

So why not shift the content marketing's focus on businesses which serve consumers instead of becoming a B2C marketer? One of the advantages B2B gets over B2C is the broader spectrum and greater scope for growth since the impact created is undoubtedly several times more through several businesses connected with millions of consumers (B2B) than with just a few of them through one business (B2C). Now, with the change in focus comes a shift in how things should function for them to fetch exceptionally successful results. Here are a few ways to master content marketing strategies in the purview of B2B:-

Be customer-centric

B2B content marketing is way more diverse than B2C. Brands seeking content marketing want precise customer-centric solutions for their unique audience and that, changes with every brand. Content marketing gained massive traction over other traditional methods because it explicitly addressed the needs of the audience. Content marketing brands have the same agenda i.e. make the most money out of minimal efforts. That tells us that no matter what kind of business model your clients have if you keep the ROI in mind your strategy will help them achieve the same; you'll always flourish.

Don't make the product your prime

Strategy inspired conclusively is your stairway to triumph. Unlike B2C, where the prime focus is on promoting a product/ service, in B2B you need to establish the brand's image through the available content. What are the fundamentals of a brand? How is it perceived by its existing audience? Does the image need to be uplifted? It means B2B should address the way content is created; is it engaging and in what sense. Some businesses are in need of User Generated Content, some are opinion-based platforms, some want to earn a name as an entertainment platform etc. Therefore, while B2C is driven by content and how you tell the story, B2B is driven by the value extracted from that.

Stay under the unique umbrella...

As mentioned before, some businesses talk about entertainment, some are newsy content creators, some take a humorous note and the list goes on. But, when it comes to a successful B2B content marketing strategy, gaining customer loyalty for the content published, should be the primary concern. It's about that one distinctive element(s) which you add to a brand, helping it stay unique and retain its follower base along with an upward growth.

... And share the umbrella

The times of monopoly are gone; there are hundreds of players competing with you in the same content mud, leaving nothing unique in your content. Any and every kind of content type is only a click away, so either keep going against other companies and proceed nowhere or else. Collaborate with other brands, gain more authority in the industry and a reputation amongst your target audience when they see other prominent brands joining hands with you. It also helps in expanding a brand's online presence organically, along with added goodwill.

Content consumption has increased massively with increased accessibility and unlimited internet packs, giving rise to an insatiable hunger for more. But, the demand can't be met single-handedly and with the number of content marketers present out there, if you miss out on even one day of content, you've incurred a massive loss in every sense, especially user-base. Another benefit which a brand receives from collaborations is a relaxation from the constant search and creation of good content.

To become an exception, you should create value. Every business has a unique approach, but how you approach them is what B2B is all about.

Experiment, embrace and expand!

It's never too late to step up your game, and every time you make an exception in the way you work - you will do wonders.

(The author is co-founder and CEO of WittyFeed, a digital content platform).

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