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Guest Article

Cannes Lions 2022 Blog: Ready reckoner from Cannes on Day 4

Here are definitions of some words that our guest author is taking away from his visit to Cannes this year.

Day 4 at Cannes Lions 2022, and it’d be a crime for me to wish for more lions. I am going to do it anyway.

I am back here to give you some gyaan from Cannes (I hope you see what I did there). Day 4 is about all the buzzwords/things to do of 2022. Here’s your pocketbook of flashcards; apply them at will.

The Metaverse:

The virtual universe is here for real. It is time we start building for this world. It is time we start planning for convergence. Call your clients/agencies, and start building.

Creative Technology:

Creativity is not just copy and art anymore. Creative is made of copy, art, tech, metaverse expert, a video editor, an analyst, a community manager, and so on. Build better, build strong.

Return on Ideas:

We have heard the business folks talk about return on investment; it’s time to start asking our creative partners what the return on the idea is? Debunking this, it’s a simple metric of whether the concept is delivering on one of the following metrics

* Entertainment

* Engagement

We are, after all, in advertising. It needs to be fun.

Diverse opinion (apply all the time):

This is the most important and non-negotiable. If you have to survive, deliver better and create significant ideas, you need diverse opinions. To have diverse opinions, you must surround yourself with people from diverse backgrounds, races, sex, and geographies. Brief your HR managers right away.

Next up, day 5. The biggest night of this year. See you soon!

(The guest author is managing partner at Dentsu Webchutney, digital creative agency from Dentsu Creative India.)

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