Sunil Yadav
Guest Article

Online gaming: road to the right audience with OTT, short video collaborations

Our guest author explains how the developing online gaming industry can reach out to prospective gamers on social media and OTT.

Entertainment is digitised today. There is a seamless flow of exciting content across media, thanks to technological advancement. We have social platforms putting us on a wheel of challenges through Reels, GIFs, live streams and, most importantly, hashtags for instant connection with the world. Streaming platforms are in hot pursuit, as they unlock doors to all forms of entertainment and lead news headlines in no time. Matching might with these industries, is the growing community of online gaming.

Joining these dots of opportunity, we know that gaming can benefit immensely from the mammoth and stable user base of social platforms and streaming apps, each of which are diversifying to cater to new customers by the minute. The task at hand is to reach out to every prospective gamer across all touch points digitally, and social media and OTT are the two best practical bets in this regard. Let’s understand how the developing industry of online gaming can crack that code.

The omnipresent social media

Communication is catching on a new trend every other day, and video is the way ahead. On this note, Indian entrepreneurs are going toe-to-toe with overseas platforms to create interactive and addictive short video platforms, which promote user-generated content. That is the next haven for gaming brands, as far as collaborations are concerned.

In fact, there have been instances of successful collaborations between gaming and short video platforms on a popular reference point, such as cricket. With the participation of influencers, celebrities and even sportspersons, casual gaming saw brilliant participation from seasoned and amateur gamers across the country. And, we are just starting out!

Streaming brands flooding your app storage

Having an OTT subscription plan is necessary to stay on top of all things entertainment, and streaming brands are already including games to engage subscribers even better. Through content that resonates with users, streaming platforms are intensifying their marketing hacks in-app and on social media. That is where gaming brands can advertise their content within streaming platforms to increase visibility.

Advertisement has also undergone a sea change, with game developers now having the opportunity to advertise on a certain platform, for a certain title, across devices. Transmedia storytelling, in which games and features shows are created, based on bankable popularity, are bringing gamers and entertainment lovers together for a superior experience. Entertainment has become an integrated package, and if the audience wants all at one place, then gaming brands must figure out how to serve just that.

Game on!

Putting a silver lining on all these developments, are the wave of change that 5G Internet is going to bring in India. With improved bandwidth and ultra-low latency, it will put businesses across scales and industries up to speed and redefine gaming experience across devices. 5G will enhance game play across the remotest fringes of India by banking on robust penetration of budget-friendly smartphones across Tier II, III and IV cities and the exponential rise in mobile gamers from that region.

The time has never been better for online gaming, which helps in employment generation of several other ancillary industries, such as telecom, advertisement and information technology. Simply put, we have all the ammo and lifelines to crack the stage. All we need is to play it right now! 

(The author, Sunil Yadav, is the CEO of PlayerzPot.)

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