Sahil Chauhan
Guest Article

Video trends to look out for in 2021…

... Straight from the desk of a Mumbai-based and Cannes Lions-winning digital agency executive.

After witnessing the growth in conceptualisation, boost in creation and rise in consumption of videos in 2020, it is safe to say that videos are now a vital and an integral part of a brand's marketing and advertising strategy, especially in the digital era. With some research, few reads and data on the Internet, I have tried to put together a few video trends to look out for in 2021.

I hope that these will help you in ideating, planning and executing videos better in the coming months!

#1 Live videos

Even though live-streaming was around, a few great platforms like Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live have given this entire segment a positive push. People from all backgrounds and professions are now opening doors to various kinds of interaction through live-streaming. If used to the best, it will surely raise the bar for this category soon.

Video trends to look out for in 2021…

#2 Interactive and 360 (degree) videos

Earlier to market and tell people about their product, brands focused more on product photography, description and the best write-ups. Yet, a tiny personal touch of experiencing the product was always missing.

But thanks to interactive and 360 technology, now marketers can use this to give consumers an experience which is not only personalised, but also gives them a larger picture and a holistic view to drive their decision to buy the product.

#3 Shoppable ads

To many of us who aren't aware of this, shoppable videos are short clips of the products which are displayed on the platforms. Once swiped up on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, the user can buy it without leaving the video. Now that you know this, you'll definitely want to give it a shot.

#4 Long-format videos

While the world is revolving around the rise of short content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat Spotlight, I tend to believe that a few stories and videos are beautiful, attractive and keep you till the end. So this year, people may choose long-formats too.

The only way to do these three is to have quality content and an interesting storytelling in the video. In fact, a study by video marketing platform Twenty Three showed that videos that were 15 minutes or longer drove 50 per cent of audience engagement.

#5 User-generated videos

User-generated videos are natural, direct and entertaining. New upcoming and recent video publishing platforms and apps in India have given a tool to the users. And with the rise in digital content creators, marketing videos will be challenging, but interesting. This category will also enhance the entire influencer marketing segment.

#6 Webinars

With our experience of the previous year, we all have been very familiar with interactions happening virtually. Be it a meeting, conference or a summit, it's all virtual. The interesting thing is even though all of us have been in this circle, yet there are many ways a platform can be shaped to only market the videos and give a better experience.

#7 Training videos

From watching a 'how to?' tutorial to completing a syllabus online, learning and training has taken a very different curve. While many find it less appealing, for most others, it's easy, handy and useful.

Creating something that can spark curiosity and help people to build knowledge will scale this category in 2021.

#8 Less in production + ease of creation

Many feel getting videos made is a time-consuming task, but on the other hand, today we are seeing an advent of online software, apps and tools that are making video production more accessible. From converting a video to adding filters (to it), from cropping it to reducing its size, everything has got a web tool now.

Several platforms offer pre-made templates too, which help the users to just add content and their video is ready. Hence, as new tools arrive, the process will become independent and informal, at least for the videos that go on social media.

(Sahil Chauhan is group head, digital production, Dentsu Webchutney.)