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Hansa Cheetah- A digital consumer panel curated by Hansa Research

Consumer panels are an extremely beneficial and useful data collection technique in market research. Over the recent past, the expectations and need for consumer data and insights by organizations has risen, along with the rise of the evolving and dynamic consumer. In light of this, panels have emerged as an effective and efficient source of powerful insights about customers and can provide close to real time data that help marketers identify and understand consumer trends, experiences regarding purchase, product needs, service experiences, life style activities or even media consumption. Panels, do bring forth the usual challenges of credibility, representativeness and engagement levels of respondents.


Hansa Cheetah, is one of India’s largest digital (App based) consumer panels, with over 50,000 research participants, spread across Tier 1 & Tier 2 towns. It provides organizations with high quality unparalleled reliable customer data’ with expedited timelines, by deploying technology and essential processes effectively to enable the same.

This is Hansa’s proprietary android & IOS based application, where SMS / emails are sent to the participants and profiled , (till the person and address is not verified he/she will not be part of the panel) ensuring a robust and credible set of panel participants. The continuous growth path with respondents being added on a daily basis, to ensure it provides organizations access to a wide variety of target audience required across industry verticals. Additionally, use of technology amongst the already connected consumer ensures real time responses at a significant cost advantage. Hansa also employs multiple engagement programmes and incentivizing, amongst the panel participants to ensure they remain engaged and provide unbiased quality responses.

Organizations across various sectors such as FMCG, Insurance, Ecommerce, Media, Consumer lifestyle products etc, have utilized Hansa Cheetah effectively to make quick and informed marketing and customer impacting decisions, to ensure business growth. The panel has been used to conduct several type of researches pertaining to: brand health, consumer shopping behaviour, campaign evaluation, customer experience amongst many others.

How Hansa Cheetah was deployed for Brand Health Tracking for an FMCG company

The Hansa Cheetah Mobile Panel, was deployed for this tracking study with sample sizes of 1000+ each month, across a multi-city geography for more than a year. This technology enabled panel, allowed efficient selection of respondents based on target audience, demographic and other consideration factors. It facilitated data collection from a representative set of customers in under a week, allowing this FMCG player to receive assimilated and actionable insights regarding their Brand’s salience, behaviour and disposition at effective cost, with efficient timelines.

How Hansa Cheetah, helped a leading Insurer in understanding the triggers and barriers to Insurance coverage

The Hansa Cheetah Mobile Panel, helped this Insurer understand the triggers and purchase behaviour towards insurance by providing unbiased required completes of about 750 customers from a target audience, with desired quota splits within 2 days. The quick turnaround time of the entire project, was key to the client and was achieved within the stipulated timelines.

How Hansa Cheetah was effective in helping Marketers make real time decisions, in context of consumer purchase behaviour during festivals

Hansa’s ‘Festival Monitor’ is an annual syndicated study that provides organizations with a detailed understanding of the customer. Hansa employed the Hansa Cheetah panel, to generate valuable insights related to customers’ attitudes, behaviours and preferences for purchase during the Indian festive season. The panel has been extremely effective in providing organizations with real time data on a weekly basis, allowing early insights for clients, making it a highly cost effective investment to aid their action plans on a weekly basis consumers’ purchase patterns across categories, channels and brands. The panel provides a total sample size of ~14,000, across more than 10 categories during the 6-8week period leading up to Diwali.

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