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Animeta launches tech-powered influencer marketing platform for brands Animeta Brandstar

Single-window influencer marketing platform: addresses brand needs, incl. influencer discovery, seamless execution, measurable performance tracking for ROI, in a single tech platform.

Animeta, Asia’s AI-powered creator tech company has announced the launch of its highly anticipated platform ‘Animeta Brandstar’. It is a first-of-its-kind tech-data influencer marketing platform, that allows brands to discover and execute campaigns with the most relevant creators, in an advanced data-intuitive way. With a strong commitment to addressing critical need gaps, Animeta Brandstar will revolutionize the way influencer partnerships are fostered in the ecosystem.

Influencer marketing spends to grow at 25% CAGR, reaching INR 220B by 2025. Digital as a medium commands 50% of the total ad wallet share today, with influencer marketing as a fast-growing stream within digital advertising; one that offers both scale & measurability. Brands seek data-backed insights, measurable performance, and transparency. The current environment lacks visibility and control due to multiple intermediaries. Animeta Brandstar empowers brands for informed influencer collaborations. With a streamlined discovery process, it ensures transparency and efficiency. Real-time data analytics optimize campaigns, ensuring brand fitment and measuring ROI. Compliance-safe and transparent, it instills confidence in brands and creators. Tech-driven scale facilitates growth across various creators.

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta said “Animeta Brandstar focuses on driving at least 30% ROI efficiency for influencer marketing campaigns; in a scalable & transparent manner with a strong thrust on authenticity. Our mission is to foster genuine, sustainable and long-term brand-influencer relationships, creating a seamless, effective, and mutually beneficial collaboration experience. This platform emerges as the long-awaited solution the entire ecosystem needed.”

Animeta Brandstar elevates the marketplace experience with advanced features: AI recommendation mixes, unique discovery flows, customizable searches like 'Animeta Verified Creators' and 'Instant Deals'. It ensures streamlined and intuitive searches, delivering impactful and cost-effective influencer options. It prioritizes talent management agencies, offering direct access to manage rosters, enrich qualitative details, and represent talents more effectively.

Vishu Ray, SVP – branded content & creator projects, says “Apart from the platform itself, the other big differentiating factor about Animeta Brandstar, is the team itself. Our in-house execution experts ensure swift campaign activation, full-funnel support including ideation and production support, the ability to track, analyze, as well as boost campaign impact for maximizing marketing ROI. Animeta Brandstar is literally a one-stop shop to meet all the influencer marketing needs of a brand.”

As Animeta Brandstar marks its official launch, it heralds a significant milestone in the influencer marketing domain, promising to shape the future of influencer partnerships and enabling brands to thrive in the ever-evolving digital era.  The platform also has plans to soon enable 'Social Commerce' and 'Affiliate Marketing', opening up new avenues for creators and brands under the Brandstar+ initiative.

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