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Rigi introduces Voice AI Influencer with MS Dhoni and Tanmay Bhat

Rigi has rolled out a new voice AI influencer in its latest event with the ability to mimic and adapt the voice of content creators.

Rigi, a company that designs tech-based solutions for creators, has launched Voice AI Influencer during Prabhav 2023 event, alongside an array of other innovative products.

The event hosted at The Taj in Bangalore, was attended by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rigi’s brand ambassador and Tanmay Bhat, a popular youtuber. The launch of the AI voice influencer, crafted to imitate Shivam Malik, a content creator is a cutting-edge creation that combines the power of AI technology with influencers.

Rigi has spent 5 months to build the product and extensively worked with Shivam Malik to capture his personality and training the model with his voice to make an extension of him. The brand believes that this will open doors to new possibilities for content creation, promotion, and engagement. 

Commenting on the launch, Dhoni said,  "At Rigi, we have always innovated with creators at the core of our business. As we unveil India's first Voice AI Influencer, we're not just embracing technology; we're redefining the way creators connect with their audience. Our Voice AI Influencer will not just speak to audience needs; it will understand them, setting a new standard for engagement and authenticity in the digital age. I believe that this Voice AI Influencer will revolutionize the way we connect, engage, and influence." 

Tanmay also shared his insights on the future of influencer marketing and technology, highlighting the exciting opportunities that the AI Voice Influencer will bring to content creators. 

In addition to AI Voice Influencer, the brand introduced Gap Up, a discovery platform, allowing users to connect with and gain insights from experts across a spectrum of fields. Following that, they launched ‘Community 2.0: The Ultimate Hub for Empowering Creators’, an upgrade to the white-labeled platform specifically tailored for creators, that will reshape the concept of creator monetization and intensify community engagement.

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