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WTI Space launches version 2.0, an API-integrated platform for influencer marketing

The platform's registration page is now live, allowing influencers and brands to enroll.

WTI Space, a product of Savin Communication, announces the launch of its version 2.0 platform, which revolutionised the influencer marketing landscape. It is an API-integrated platform that bridges the gap between influencers, brands, and marketers. The platform’s landing page is live for registration; therefore, influencers and brands can start enrolling. WTI Space will host an event, Trendsetter 2.0, in New Delhi. Over 1500 attendees, including influencers and brands, are expected at the event, which promises to be a landmark event in the influencer marketing calendar.

Among the standout features of the platform include:

  • Influencer Discovery: WTI Space offers a robust influencer discovery feature, empowering brands to uncover genuine voices that resonate with their brand ethos.

  • API Integration: Influencers gain access to comprehensive metrics such as engagement rate and average views, while brands can leverage influencer data sets, including niche, followers, and engagement rate, for informed decision-making.

  • Community Building: The platform's community-building feature fosters genuine connections with target audiences, facilitating long-term relationships with influencers aligned with brand values.

  • Campaign Management: Streamline influencer marketing initiatives with comprehensive campaign management tools, covering everything from planning to performance tracking.

  • Fake Followers Tool: Ensuring transparency and maximising the value of influencer partnerships with a sophisticated Fake Followers Analysis tool.

  • In-built Shopify & Merchandising: It also comes with an in-built option to Shopify, where the team assists in merchandising along with fabrics, printing and selling options. Brands can also leverage this facility for co-merchandising with influencers.

  • Fees: This platform will run free of cost for everyone.

On the launch of WTI Space, Kumar Saurav, the founder and MD of Savin Communication, said, "Our revamped platform represents a significant step forward in redefining influencer marketing in India. Launched with a core motive to promote transparency in the influencer community, this platform will strictly focus on onboarding nano, micro, and macro influencers. By offering a comprehensive suite of features and fostering genuine connections between influencers and brands, we aim to drive transparency, efficiency, and success in every campaign."

WTI Space currently boasts a network of over 20,000 influencers and aims to expand its reach to encompass over 2,00,000 influencers across various types of influencers, including nano, micro, and macro. With a major focus on transparency and ease of communication, the platform aims to bridge the gap between influencers, brands, and marketers, providing a unified solution for all stakeholders.

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