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Reliance Selfi App – Now get your insurance done in just a few clicks

The app handles multiple time and effort consuming tasks like offer renewals, claim status check, video assistance and many more.

Remember when getting insurance done was a big hassle? Tasks like buying insurance, renewals, collating documents, filing claims etc would take up both time and effort. If this wasn't enough, following up on your insurance claim was an add-on to the burden. Gone are those days! In an age when everything is available at a click, Reliance General Insurance brings convenience to insurance too. With the Reliance Selfi App that acts as an ideal platform for all your insurance needs.

In the recent campaign video, the brand has tried to address the insurance complexities faced by almost everyone. Through an endearing father-son narrative.

The video shows a typical father-son story and their hassle over insurance renewal, but with a twist. The father wants his lazy son to renew the insurance, but the son is a step ahead. Thanks to the Selfi App, he can get every task related to insurance done easily, no matter where he is. Thereby implying that anyone can get insurance done by themselves.

The Reliance Selfi app offers a new approach to insurance, as it is equipped to handle multiple tasks with ease. Instant Renewals, Realtime Claim Status, Video Assistance etc, makes this app truly smart and revolutionary.

With such an innovative offering, it won't be surprising if in the future, every father gets insurance done all by himself and compels the son to say 'Smart'.