Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Owning the Indian Rap scene in its own way, Myntra's new campaign taps into the street style space

The 'Straight Outta Streets' campaign includes a street lingo video and a desi fashion hip-hop guide video.

Street fashion has always been known for creating a unique identity among alike - a front runner in addressing the masses through its own style. Over the years, it has played a crucial role in differentiating those who don it and making them stand out. Baggy shirts, loose pants, glittering accessories, and contrasting sneakers are not just an outer covering but the language of a rebellion - 'spitting' a rhyme of self-identity, anti-oppression, belief, confidence, and inspiration!

Lately, street clothing in India has seen a movement like never before - a style of clothing which wasn't trendy enough is now sought after! Joining this fashion wagon, India's leading fashion portal Myntra has been touching hearts and dressing people just the way they want. Their 'Straight Outta Streets' campaign is aimed at highlighting Myntra as a one-stop destination for contemporary fashion and street style. As part of the campaign, the brand has rolled out rap battles, celeb trend spotting, influencer videos, street style collections, and two video films – 'Word on the street' and 'The Gully Story'.

To make street styling more interesting, the brand took 'celeb trend spotting' route on social media - wherein people can re-create popular celebrity's looks by buying similar products on Myntra. Street-style inspired looks of Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut have already been featured and the audience can get similar style on Myntra.

Talking about the video films, in the 'Word on the street' video, the brand integrates fashion with the street vocabulary popularly termed as slangs. Introducing the urban dictionary of fashion to its audience, the brand has tried to connect with the youth - it's prime TG. Terms like kicks, threads, throwback and more are used by the young performers complimenting one another. Not just that, you also get to step in and understand the nuances in the street dialect. Isn't that just 'lit'?

In the second film, just like the title, the brand visits the streets or gullies and brings to light the works of rap crew 7 BANATAIZ, Arif Chaudhary – B-boying artist, and Melroy Williams – Graffiti artist. The film makes the viewers understand the important role which fashion has and is playing in highlighting street culture. The video urges one to be unique and not a clone of somebody else. It is rightly pointed out in the video that there was a time when fashion could only be seen in malls, showrooms, and fashion shows but now, the streets are the ramp and artists run the show!

Talking about Myntra, the online portal has definitely been a game changer when it comes to the street fashion game and with the ongoing rap wave, which every brand wants to ride on, Myntra has definitely rapped its way ahead. While street culture is all about channeling inner thoughts and emotions, fashion is all about expressing the same through clothing. What better platform could there be than Myntra which has successfully amalgamated the spontaneity of the two to create something effervescent, vibrant, and unique that is best capturing the spirit of rap in India.