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This Women’s Day, Celebrate Work and Life

Watch this video, share it, and pledge to #BeTheChange.

Did you know that while 27% of women join the workforce, 48% drop out within four months of returning from maternity leave?

Women at the workplace fight not just sexual harassment, glass ceilings, and pay disparities but also lack of empathy from male colleagues who mansplain and condescend upon their female counterparts.

HDFC Bank understands that women are absolutely indispensable in every aspect of our lives and this International Women’s Day, HDFC Bank wants to #BeTheChange that it wants to see blossom across workplaces. HDFC Bank wants to #BeTheChange that breaks the old rules because it believes, genuinely, old rules apply, only if we let them. HDFC Bank wants to #BeTheChange that breaks the systemic stereotypes that have been so wired into our society’s psyche.

In a powerful video – and we have a solid reason to call it so (more of which later) -- where it takes a woman, and justly so, to deflate a male colleague’s stereotypical views about ‘problems faced by women at the workplace’ HDFC Bank reiterates just how much harder women have to work to get the same opportunities, rewards and respect as men. Women should stay out of the workplace because women have children and in-laws to look after, have problems with late-night work hours and travelling. And, just how many jobs can a woman possibly deal with? It’s his female boss who wins the argument with some show-and-tell: a poster prepared by her daughter that says, ‘My Super Hero’, accompanied by seven simple words that sum up what HDFC Bank wants the world to know about women of today. Watch the video below to discover what these words are and share it with your friends so you can #BeTheChange this International Women’s Day.

As a testimony to the power of this video’s message, in three days since it was released, it has been viewed more than 3 million times. And, as you read this, the number keeps spiking up across portals, social media, and HDFC Bank website, eliciting in its wake a flurry of likes, comments, and shares that demonstrates how crucial the issue of women empowerment at the workplace is.