Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Lotus Herbals baby+ addresses issues around adoption in its Mother's Day special ad-film

Through the film, the brand extends its support and stands with all the mothers for this noble cause.

Adoption is one of the biggest taboos in our country. Post all the modernization and growth that we have witnessed over the years, this noble cause is still looked down upon. The topic is rather hushed away and thoughts around bringing someone from a different caste, colour or religion into the family is still detested. But one basic humane thing that we all forget is that - every child deserves the love of a mother. A bond which transcends any DNA or blood. This Mother's Day, breaking the barrier, the kid's arm of Lotus Herbals - Lotus Herbals baby+ released a heart-warming ad-film addressing the issues around adoption.

The film starts with an awkward dinner table silence between a couple and the son's family. The elders are hesitant about the conversation around adoption and dubious about the choice of the couple to adopt someone who does not share their family blood. The doubts around the lack of background, family history, and adjustment issues are raised by elders. They even go to the extent of telling their daughter-in-law that the joy of being a real mother is dissimilar to anything else. To which she confidently responds, in support of her husband, that there is no right way to become a mother. The film concludes with the mother-in-law herself offering a pen to the would-be mother to sign the adoption papers.

With this ad-film, the brand has beautifully showcased a sensitive issue and woven it together perfectly with the spirit of Mother's Day. Spotlighting the message that blood does not define a family and there is no right way to be a mom, just a good one. Every child deserves a mother and taboos attached to the idea of adoption can only be banished if we all collectively work together in getting rid of this stigma. Considering the TG of the brand, this move to change the narrow-minded thought process is definitely a big step in making adoption an acceptable norm in Indian society.

The video has already received over 5 Lac views on YouTube and has been shared by over 1,000 proud people and mothers over Facebook. It continues to gather significant appreciation over social channels.

Concluding, in a time where brands are leveraging Mother's Day to push their proposition, this initiative by Lotus Herbals baby+, makes it stand above the clutter. Spreading the message of love between a child and mother, be it adopted or birthed, Lotus Herbals baby+ strongly believes that there is #NoRightWayToMotherhood. Thereby, encouraging all of us to share our love with a child, because the love of Mother is always unconditional, perpetual, and pure. And the brand stands tall with all the mothers who are the harbingers in breaking the barriers and continue spreading love.