Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Reliance SMART and Fresh celebrates Mother’s Day with a heart-touching ad film

The film revolves around the theme of how the lessons from our mother, plays a valuable role in making us who we are.

Reliance SMART and Fresh, one of the leading grocery retail brands in India decided to celebrate this Mother’s Day by highlighting the trust that a mother puts in her children. The belief of a mother which at times acts as a pillar and gives a child an extra push which motivates and inculcates confidence in him/her to do better and achieve his goals. Showcasing this trust, the brand wanted to do something for their consumers, making this day a little more special for all the mothers who have believed in the brand over the years. The recently released heart-warming ad film highlights the values engraved in us by our mother which not just makes us a better person but also makes a difference around us.

The ad film is weaved around three students who are competing in a competition wherein they have to recite/show the lessons they have learned from their mother. The protagonist, Aayush, keeps on motivating his two friends Sneha and Karan who are stuck by stage fear and fail to perform their lessons in the first go. In spite of the scolding from the teacher, he never falls shy to keep them motivated and eventually persuades them to success. Meanwhile, the principal walks in and noticing the protagonist's enthusiasm for his friends asks him what he has learned from his mother. He answers in a poised manner that to have faith in others is what he has learned. He furthers adds that when one loses confidence, others should have faith in him/her, which eventually instills immense confidence in them – is what his mother has taught him. The film ends with the principal and other students applauding the protagonist’s wise attitude.

The under 3-minute long film beautifully intertwines the emotions one needs this Mother’s Day with it’s touching storytelling. It takes us through a sentimental and inspiring ride through our childhood wherein we all have at one point lost confidence in ourselves, which was later regained by a shoulder of faith and belief from our friends, teachers or parents. More importantly, though the film the brand has tried to exhibit that when your mother believes in you, you believe in yourself, and when that happens, there is nothing you can’t do.

The outcome of this film was a wonderful tale of a child and the most important thing he learned from his mother, belief. In a span of two days of its release, the #MaaSeSeekhaHai video has already gathered over 3 Million views on YouTube and is mustering appreciation across social media channels including over 8,000 shares on Facebook.

Brilliantly curated, the film strikes the right emotional chord and perfectly captures the essence of the impact of a mother on our lives in a way that hasn’t been seen before. To conclude, while it is a mother who makes her kid stand apart, Reliance SMART and Fresh is the brand that mothers across the country believes in.