Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

This summer, let the AC Adjust for you with the new Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC

Some of the features include adjusting itself depending on the capacity and weather condition, Superdry mode, CO2 reduction, PM 2.5 filtration, and more.

Remember this time of the year when you were a kid – summer vacation, schools closing for over a month, days spent playing sports and watching TV. But then one evening an announcement was made, of a distant aunt and her family visiting your house, and accordingly arrangements had to be done. A sigh of disappointment would be let out because arrangements meant adjustments which your family had to make for others to fit in especially when it came to consistent cooling - a major issue in scorching summers. Now flash forward the same scenario to recent times – But! This year you bought a new Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC – which runs on two capacities – 1.5 ton and 1 ton, depending on the number of people and ambient temperature. Essentially, giving you comfort, without making any additional arrangements or adjustments.

Voltas, the leading AC brand from the Tata group, has launched its new Adjustable Inverter AC to beat the summer heat. A front runner in introducing innovative products for better and improved consumer experience, this year again, the brand has provided the consumer something which is much more than just mere cooling. The new Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC is not just another AC, but a unique product which can run on different capacities, depending on the number of people and ambient temperature.

This summer, let the AC Adjust for you with the new Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC

The product comes with a unique adjustable mode, which delivers predefined lower cooling capacity by limiting inverter compressor’s running frequencies. It runs on both 1.5 Ton and 1 Ton, thereby, reducing power consumption. Another interesting feature is the Super Dry Mode – under which, the room is dehumidified faster by limiting the indoor fan blower at a lower speed, and capturing the extra water vapor in air at a much higher rate, and within less time. Additionally, considering the rise in the temperature with every passing day, the product provides cooling at even 52oC. Now that's some heat to watch out for!

While these new features improve the consumer experience, the product has also ensured better hygiene for its users. Keeping in mind the increasing air pollution and air quality degradation, the product also provides CO2 reduction and PM 2.5 filtration. The pre-installed filter removes volatile organic compounds and other toxic gases, thus, decreasing CO2 levels and increasing the level of fresh air ventilation. Furthermore, the PM 2.5 filter refines the air for indoor air protection, that uses natural passive ventilation to protect the indoor air quality. Some of the other highlights are Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, stabilizer free operations, 100% copper for maximum durability, turbo cooling, and more.

To conclude, the new launch from the leading AC brand, seems to be a pioneering move – a premium feature package which the market will surely look out for. It has proved yet again its capability to come up with new and innovative features, in a cluttered market. And what better timing it could be – with the summer planning to break heat records, you sitting at home comfortably sipping your favorite soft drink, with your perfect cooling partner - VOLTAS.