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Kajaria goes to the gullies this Cricket World Cup

Get nostalgic with Kajaria’s 2019 World Cup campaign video. Read on...

Remember the lovely childhood days? The moment the school bell would ring, we would rush home, gulp our food and run to the gully to play our favourite sport - cricket. The gully would be transformed into a virtual cricket stadium with two teams of little kids clashing with one another amidst deafening shouts of “howzat!” and “clean bowled”. The angry looks Chintu would get when he dropped that catch or the joy that would sweep through the team when an opponent’s wicket would fall, were the moments that defined gully cricket. Those days are gone forever, but the memories remain.

Almost every Indian child has grown up playing gully cricket and those magical childhood moments are still etched into our memories. Don’t we all miss those wonderful days? Sure, we do. But, now is the time to relive those moments. With the cricket frenzy reaching an all-time high, Kajaria Ceramics’ adrenaline pumping campaign has freshened up our gully cricket memories.

Featuring our very own Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi Akshay Kumar, the campaign takes us down memory lane. The 60-seconder shows the various emotions and phases that kids go through while playing gully cricket. From the anger at a missed catch to the joy of taking a wicket and running to safety after breaking the windshield of a car are all beautifully depicted in the video. The video promises to fill Team India and its fans with fervour and gaiety.

It’s our gully that has taught us this game and that’s where our love for the game stems from. After all, it is the soil of our land which has produced some of the best cricketers of the world. And, this fact has been beautifully summed up by Kajaria in these eloquent lines.

Yeh khel hai mitti ka, seekhe hain mitti se.

Yeh khel hai mitti ka, khelenge mitti ke liye.

Surely, you also would have an interesting story about your gully cricket playing days and will like to share it with everyone. The good news is, Kajaria is giving people the opportunity to share memories by submitting their best stories about gully cricket. The video will feature people talking about the memories of their childhood playing gully cricket along with their friends. From the first half-century you scored to that incredible catch you took at a crucial stage of the game, share it all with Kajaria Ceramics.

The campaign has been on for a month, but with the tournament reaching its climax, the time has come to kick up the frenzy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That’s not all; the best entries will win exciting prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Write your story using #KhelHaiMittiKa and win exciting prizes.

So far the video campaign has been one of the biggest blockbusters across all social media platforms. The figures speak for themselves. In a few days, it has reached more than 2.5 million people on Facebook and Instagram. The video has got more than 3.5 million views and 3,000 entries across platforms. It has successfully freshened up the childhood memories of the cricket crazy fans.

And, no one could have done this better than Akshay Kumar. The Bollywood superstar has a huge fan following and his popularity transcends the borders of the country. Akshay Kumar’s mass appeal has helped the brand connect with the audience and further expand their presence. Cricket and Akshay Kumar are a deadly combination as both unite India.

Kajaria goes to the gullies this Cricket World Cup

So, let’s cheer for Team India and bring the World Cup home.

The video has garnered accolades from the audience. Here, we are sharing some witty and nostalgic tweets.

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