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Freedom Healthy Oil breaks the stereotypical gender bias in its new ad film...

...showcasing the stories of five brave-hearted women who stood against sexism.

Freedom knows no boundary, no race, no colour, and definitely no gender. Though, the sad truth is that for decades the roles in our society have been predetermined with men taking charge of the 'outside work' while women's contribution has been limited to household duties. But today the stereotypical thought process has changed, the roles and duties today knows no gender and in spite of the resistance, women have not just proven the naysayers wrong but elevated above all. Celebrating this brave spirit, Premium Cooking Oil brand, Freedom Healthy Oil has recently released an ad film.

The film highlights the chin-up stories of five individuals - all belonging to different fields. These include a successful cricketer, a karate master, a chef, a rock musician, and army personnel. But what's eye-catching is that all these roles are played by women in fields which are predominantly held by men. The voice-over recites the everyday taunts which women have to hark for choosing the career of their choice and stepping up against the conventional ideologies. The film addresses these sneers and the constant jibes which women have to go through and yet they choose what they want – because everybody has the freedom to choose their own path.

In a short span of its release, the film has received an overwhelming response on YouTube and across its social channels. With over 5 million combined views, the #FreedomtoChoose initiative by the brand has connected right with the audience.

It is rare for a cooking oil brand to take on such a route where the other players in this segment are still going ahead with the traditional storytelling. Freedom Healthy Oil, with this remarkable initiative has successfully touched the hearts its target audience. Beautifully crafted and brilliantly executed, this initiative completely stands true to the brand's title and belief – Freedom. While the roles have not completely reversed, this initiative marks a harbinger in giving women a voice and breaking stereotypes. To conclude, the initiative has not just brought the stories of brave-hearted women to the masses, it has also propelled the message of free choice above anything - and that too successfully.

“As a progressive company, we believe that no one other than a woman herself should have an opinion about what she should and shouldn’t do. We stand by women who have fought the battles for their life choices, stayed true to themselves, and risen to their dreams. Since these women feel more fulfilled, they are likely to be happier, and a happy woman makes a happy home. So the positive effects go beyond her and impact the family as well. We’ve only scratched the surface, but we hope that through this video, we are able to raise awareness, spark conversations, and dismantle the forced obligations to fit into a mould,” says Mr. Chandrashekhara Reddy, VP Sales & Marketing, at Gemini Edibles & Fats Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Chetan Pimpalkhute, Marketing Head at Freedom Healthy Oil says “I believe the campaign perfectly sums up what we have stood for from day one - the essence of Freedom. We wanted to leverage the brand for the greater good and contribute to bringing about a positive change in our society”.

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