Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

In a one-of-a-kind campaign, Spectra keeps the internet relevant for non-cricket lovers...

...through brand collaboration, contests, activities, informative posts, and more.

Cricket is not just a game in India. It’s a bona fide religion. Unparalleled viewership stats, devoted fans and followers, and a sportsman who is bestowed with the status of God – these are just a few examples of the hysteria that this game creates. Every four years, the sporting wave of the Cricket World Cup embraces the devotees of the game, leaving them electrified and inspired. But what about those souls who are interested in a zillion other things? The binge watcher, the party-goer, the travel junkie, or just anyone who is willing to spend his/her day doing something - anything - other than commemorating the howzzat from last night’s match.

That’s where India’s fastest internet service provider, Spectra, comes in.

Spectra recently launched a unique campaign, #LifeStreaming, talking to everyone - cricket lover or not - about a different and relevant standpoint of a life beyond cricket. While the rest of the brands leveraged the buzz wave with their campaigns around the Cricket World Cup, Spectra's initiative was a standout. The brand's campaign was aimed at addressing the unusual, bringing out the unconventional and enabling the not-so-much-into-cricket audience with a wide range of options and offering their daily dose of entertainment.

To reach the relevant TG, the brand tied up with Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) and the collaboration resulted in the non-cricket fans engaging in big numbers on social platforms. During the 46-day period, the brand also ran a 10 day-10 questions contest called #HaiKoiJawaab. The ask was simple – the audience was asked to send in answers with activitie they would like to take up instead of watching the World Cup to win exciting prizes.

Additionally, to prevent Father’s Day from getting drowned in the World Cup noise, Spectra planned a fun activity titled #PartnershipWithPapa asking the audience to share the things they would do to spend time exclusively with their fathers instead of watching an 8-hour long match. The brand also leveraged its extensive social media base and kept the engagement high with informative as well as witty posts and memes.

The initiatives under the campaign have garnered accolades from the audience in terms of engagement stats, here’s a brief look-

Commenting on the campaign, Tushar Bajaj, Senior Vice President, MSL Group, said “One of the most interesting things about working with Spectra is that the brand loves to take challenging stands. We were very excited when this courageous thought turned into a 46-day campaign! We did not rebel, we created a friendly ‘floating cloud of online chatter’ for people tired of hearing about cricket.”

With the #LifeStreaming campaign, the brand has opened up conversations for the non-cricket fans - whose interests are usually sidelined in our cricket frenzied nation, serving the need to free up their feeds of cricket related conversation. This World Cup, the brand has successfully managed to create an alternate universe on social media. Also, by improving the consumer experience, providing something new and exciting to watch, experience, visit or talk about, the brand has risen above and beyond the clutter.

Spectra, through its campaign, reminded us every day that there is a life beyond this sport. The conversation around the sport will die soon with the biggest cricketing event concluded. However, you can continue to stream anything and everything you love comfortably with your ideal internet service partner – Spectra.

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