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Havas Media’s Anita Nayyar is always looking for newer challenges, constantly devising newer solutions

Life is about taking a quantum leap to break the everyday routine and do something extraordinary. Be it work, relationships or family, people are always looking out for newer experiences that enrich their lives. However, breaking the wheel of your daily rut is usually not an easy task, as people are so caught up in their monotonous schedules that they forget to turn their “Why’s into Why nots”.

&flix, the English movie channel from ZEEL, urges people to leap out of the ordinary as it celebrates its first anniversary. &flix believes in #EverydayLeaps that allow you to break away from the monotony and do something new, every day. The Hollywood movie channel with its massive library of movies showcases a world of unlimited possibilities enabling viewers to #LeapForth. The channel brings its viewers closer to horizon of new experiences, new journeys, hence inspiring them to break away from the regular and leap into something that they have never done.

Havas Media’s Anita Nayyar is always looking for newer challenges, constantly devising newer solutions
Anita Nayyar

Bringing the same experiences of unlimited possibilities, &flix caught up with industry stalwarts to know about their biggest leaps.

&flix spoke to Anita Nayyar, CEO India & South East Asia, Havas Media to understand her idea of #EverydayLeaps, the possibilities and leaps that have been crucial in her journey till date. She is a constant learner and acquires knowledge from anywhere and everywhere that helps her to get over monotony. She is keen on finding challenges and turning them into opportunities.

•Your idea of #EverydayLeaps is...

I believe in taking up new challenges each day.

•To avoid getting stuck in the rut, your secret sauce to leaping forth into a world of unlimited possibilities is...

My idea of leaping into unlimited possibilities is to keep learning constantly from everywhere/ anywhere which helps get over the monotony and the rut. One never knows it all!!

•One superhero you relate to is...

My DAD. He always turned around any diversity to an opportunity.

•That one superpower that gets you going is...

I am always looking for challenges and trying to find their solutions.

•Marvel’s Venom has shown the world that sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to do some good. Your meaning of embracing your inner evil for a greater good is...

I am of the opinion that any bad which does not hurt anyone and is to do some good is not really bad. The “bad” and the “good” is subjective. What is bad for me may be good for someone else.

•Your biggest leap in making the person that you are today is...

The person that I am today is the result of constant hard work and the hunger to learn which has helped me reach where I am today. As I have said many a times “there is no shortcut to success.” God has been kind.

•For you, the possibilities that lie beyond what meets the eye are...

It is never enough and once we realise that, there is really no stopping. There will always be a sea of opportunities in front of you, it is up to us to have the guts to recognise and convert them. I am constantly in search of newer opportunities – professional or personal.

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