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Xiaomi’s Karan Shroff believes that failure plays an important role in our leaps of success

Life is about taking a quantum leap to break the everyday routine and do something extraordinary. Be it work, relationships or family, people are always looking out for newer experiences that enrich their lives. However, breaking the wheel of your daily rut is usually not an easy task, as people are so caught up in their monotonous schedules that they forget to turn their “Why’s into Why nots”.

&flix, the English movie channel from ZEEL, urges people to leap out of the ordinary as it celebrates its first anniversary. &flix believes in #EverydayLeaps that allow you to break away from the monotony and do something new, every day. The Hollywood movie channel with its massive library of movies showcases a world of unlimited possibilities enabling viewers to #LeapForth. The channel brings its viewers closer to horizon of new experiences, new journeys, hence inspiring them to break away from the regular and leap into something that they have never done.

Xiaomi’s Karan Shroff believes that failure plays an important role in our leaps of success
Karan Shroff

Bringing the same experiences of unlimited possibilities, &flix caught up with industry stalwarts to know about their biggest leaps.

&flix spoke to Karan Shroff, Head of Brand Marketing, Xiaomi Technology to understand his idea of #EverydayLeaps, the possibilities and leaps that have been crucial in his journey till date. He also shares his views on failure and how it makes an important part of success.

• Your idea of #EverydayLeaps is...

What keeps me going everyday is the consistent thought of building a better future, creating greater innovative campaigns, or the ability to leave a lasting impression. I

drive each day with a vision of how my hard work and determination holds the power to leave a profound, positive impact in the lives of our consumers.

Whenever I am faced with challenges that appear impossible, I look back to this vision I had set out for myself and that keeps me going.

• To avoid getting stuck in the rut, your secret sauce to leaping forth into a world of unlimited possibilities is...

I believe that failure plays an important role in our success. If you aren’t failing, then you aren’t trying hard enough and nor are you trying new

things. Everything worthwhile and worthy never comes easy, and therefore it is important to be able to embrace your failures as they help build the ladders to success.

This would certainly be my secret sauce. Our team has failed several times, but we also have succeeded far more times. That’s what sets some of our campaigns apart - the

willingness to add the extra effort, and the brave heart to try new things and also take failure in our stride.

• One superhero you relate to is...

Sachin Tendulkar would definitely be the superhero I relate to for several reasons. Tendulkar is a man who is not only a legend in the world of cricket but is also a very

humble human being. His sheer determination and commitment to his work has been a true inspiration in my life. Not only that, his ability to maintain passion towards his

profession for over two decades, through all the ups and downs and yet be resilient and humble are superpowers I would want to possess.

• That one superpower that gets you going is...

My drive to achieve is the superpower that gets me going. It fuels my hunger for growth and my ambition to succeed. If we look at the larger context, even something as

essential as food is consumed only when you are hungry. This logic applies to everything we do in life. When I look back and reflect upon my hunger for growth and success,

I have often realized that my ability to drive my thoughts and actions to do more and achieve more, has been my superpower.

• Marvel’s Venom has shown the world that sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to do some good. Your meaning of embracing your inner evil for a greater good is...

I am a strong believer of, treating people the way you’d like to be treated is crucial. Although I think it’s important to sometimes take a firm stand if you believe in something and want it to succeed.

•Your biggest leap in making the person that you are today is...

I think the decision to work with Xiaomi was one of the biggest leaps in my career. I started as an event management professional and soon grew to

work as a marketing professional. I was also truly fortunate to have mentors like Hugo Barra and Manu Jain, who believed in my potential and

invested in me. I think my time and work at Xiaomi has definitely helped me gain a holistic sense of development with truly valuable learning


•For you, the possibilities that lie beyond what meets the eye are...

I hope to create a profound positive impact among our millions of consumers by offering innovative campaigns that inspires them to push their own

boundaries and dream bigger. Innovation for everyone, is our core belief in Xiaomi that has enabled me to pursue these possibilities.

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