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To Mahindra and Mahindra’s Vikram Garga, his limitless possibilities are about working towards a larger purpose

Life is about taking a quantum leap to break the everyday routine and do something extraordinary. Be it work, relationships or family, people are always looking out for newer experiences that enrich their lives. However, breaking the wheel of your daily rut is usually not an easy task, as people are so caught up in their monotonous schedules that they forget to turn their “Why’s into Why nots”.

&flix, the English movie channel from ZEEL, urges people to leap out of the ordinary as it celebrates its first anniversary. &flix believes in #EverydayLeaps that allow you to break away from the monotony and do something new, everyday. The Hollywood movie channel with its massive library of movies showcases a world of unlimited possibilities enabling viewers to #LeapForth. The channel brings its viewers closer to horizon of new experiences, new journeys, hence inspiring them to break away from the regular and leap into something that they have never done.

To Mahindra and Mahindra’s Vikram Garga, his limitless possibilities are about working towards a larger purpose
Vikram Garga

Bringing the same experiences of unlimited possibilities, &flix caught up with industry stalwarts to know about their biggest leaps.

&flix spoke to Vikram Garga, Vice President, Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra and Mahindra, to understand his idea of #EverydayLeaps, the possibilities and leaps that have been crucial in his journey till date. He shares his views on the importance of discipline, being open and understanding about others and most importantly his superhero – Lord Hanuman. He also wishes to embrace the possibilities of not just what is, but what he could be and do for the society.

Questions for &flix

• Your idea of #EverydayLeaps is...

For me, #EverydayLeaps is trying to do something for the future. Something that helps me to prepare myself, personally, to take on a challenge, which otherwise you may not be considering. So, it’s about a bit of embracing new things from surroundings and trying to do something along with it rather than following it. If consumers are going to digital, we must think parallelly about how you engage with them on digital. If consumers are becoming less loyal towards brands, you must simultaneously find newer ways to break the myth that ‘loyalty is dying’. Taking the difficult path for trying something new, you may fail or succeed, but keep trying something new.

• To avoid getting stuck in the rut, your secret sauce to leaping forth into a world of unlimited possibilities is...

Today, the world is becoming impatient and audiences are becoming demanding. So, I think my philosophy here is to fly and learn on the go. You may not know everything or have all answers, but if you are in it, you are in the right direction, and you are probably getting there - versus - trying to solve everything on the paper before executing it. I believe, sometimes, problem itself could change basis how dynamic the environment is and how the consumer is wanting to look at things. So, it is about constantly trying something on-the-go rather than have it all put on recipe before trying it. That is how, I would say, you do not get stuck in the rut and keep trying, and fail faster rather than not making an attempt at all!

• One superhero you relate to is...

It has to be Lord Hanuman. He is someone who I believe in and have seen my father’s faith in him closely, since childhood and then me believing in him. Lord Hanuman is in the domain of doing good for the larger cause of people around him. He is also loyal to certain causes, which we have observed the super heroes doing too in the modern world. But my superhero will always be Lord Hanuman.

• That one superpower that gets you going is...

Being kind, open and sensitive to what others feel and want, allows you to be easily acceptable. It may also enable you to contribute and help others. I think any superpower being used for the right means makes it powerful, because it allows access which otherwise would not be possible. So, I believe if I am kind and open, it allows me to access people faster at the same time, allowing people to accept me faster making me worthwhile in my contribution to the larger set of people around me.

• Marvel’s Venom has shown the world that sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to do some good. Your meaning of embracing your inner evil for a greater good is...

Being doggedness, meaning that I may sometimes be stubborn, not being seen in the right light. But sometimes, to get something going for a larger cause, if I have to be stubborn to achieve something big for me and my people, then my people will definitely see value in it. So, that is the flip side of me being open and transparent, versus, me sometimes being dogged.

• Your biggest leap in making the person that you are today is...

Discipline has been key to me, especially since I come from an army background. I have seen it in my father, and I have seen the importance of discipline while growing up. Whether it is about getting up and making your bed before leaving your bedroom, or respecting time of others and probably that you are committed personally about a promise to do or deliver something. It all comes from discipline and not allowing yourself to get relaxed in delivering on your commitment. That would be my personal biggest leap.

• For you, the possibilities that lie beyond what meets the eye are...

I am already working on something that will make a difference in whatever small way to the society, beyond my professional work. For example, I am trying to work with an NGO, which is more in the field of helping differently-abled bodies. If I can spare time and use my network and intellect to really help to do some good work making an impact to the society in a positive way, I would say that is stretching beyond ordinary and going beyond what I can currently see myself. My limitless possibilities are about working towards a larger purpose and making use of all my strengths and abilities to bring it to life.

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