Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Aakash Digital’s campaign earmarked as the ‘Anthem of comebacks’

The ‘Success is waiting’ campaign featuring Yuvraj Singh garnered great chatter on social media and has also clocked over 30 million campaign views.

Success stories have always been powerful in making an impact but it’s the comeback stories that have had the true potential to inspire. There have been innumerable instances where the comeback stories have relished exponentially, most often because of the added zeal that one beholds to return to the forefront. Not everyone gets to taste victory on their very first try, hence it's all the more power to those who get up, brush off and try again. Something which is not often backed by society, hitting the comeback road is not always an easy task.

Aakash Digital’s ‘Success in waiting’ campaign entirely revolves on the idea of making comebacks. The campaign focuses on students who are reappearing for their medical and engineering entrance examinations and urges them to not give up. With their effective messaging, the campaign has gained vast recognition from across the nation. The campaign also struck the right chords with the NEET and JEE aspirants which resulted in the campaign (running in 60 second, 30 second and 6 second edits) garnering more than 30 million views.

Featuring Yuvraj Singh, their brand ambassador, the strong portrayal of not bowing down to the result and coming out on top in the next attempt has brought about a verdict of this campaign being earmarked as the ‘Anthem of comebacks’. The campaign not only draws attention to Aakash Digital’s specialised repeaters batch but also sheds light on the belief they have in the potential of the youngsters.

The campaign video is conceptualised in partnership with Cheil India. Not only did the video make waves on YouTube, it was also shared by Yuvraj Singh on his Instagram account which brewed vast chatter around it on social media platforms. The video was further reshared by former Indian cricketers Harbajan Singh and Irfan Pathan along with several other influencers

With their intent to inspire students to not give up on their dreams and to come back prepared with more focus and determination, Aakash Digital has efficiently managed to get their combinations spot on with this campaign. Be it the idea of Yuvraj Singh conveying the message of making a comeback, with the legacy of his own comeback to cricket post his fight with cancer being a true example of inspiration.

The vision Aakash Digital had with this campaign has been perfectly realised and accepted by the audience. According to YouTube's Brand Lift Study (BLS), the campaign helped in a relative Ad recall/brand lift of 29.80% for Aakash Digital. The vast reach and impact that the campaign has garnered truly reciprocates the intent they had while reaching out to youngsters who seek inspiration and guidance in their path towards success. With the success of their campaign, Aakash Digital (digital.aakash.ac.in) has quite efficiently connected with the youngsters and urged them to learn from the lives of people like Yuvraj and script their own comeback story for next year.

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