Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Absolut India urges viewers to uncolor the ‘isms’ of the world

The initiative spreads awareness and takes a stand against hateism, genderism, casteism, nepotism, anti-gayism, and more...

The world we live in today is engulfed with social-centric problems - prevalent like never before. What’s more lethal is the existence of these problems in not just one strata of the society but across borders. The issues like hateism, genderism, casteism, nepotism, anti-gayism have reached a peak and, though belated, the time has come. Citizens of the world need to be veracious and fight for their own rights - unapologetically and unabashedly.

In bringing these issues to the spotlight and raising awareness, brands across the world have been giving their voice to these causes for long. But one brand, whose voice has been loud and lucid against these discriminations is Absolut India. The brand in the past has been vocal against issues like racism, love and tolerance and tiger conservations. This year again, the brand is back with its latest campaign highlighting the ‘isms’ that create an unjust world.

Being a brand that often takes up real-world issues, Absolut India has always had a strong stand in their campaigns. With their belief in Global Unity, the brand has effectively championed the art of connecting with people by addressing global issues. Last year, Absolut brought in the ‘Born Colourless’ campaign to pay tribute to diversity. As a forerunner to this campaign, Absolut had also released a manifesto film on World Anti-Racism Day, which talks about how being a shade apart can mean being worlds apart and how colour has inherited these illegitimate powers.

Their new video, which is an extension to the ‘Born Colourless’ campaign takes up a broader perspective on the problems of the world. This time the focus being on the ‘the isms of the world.’ Ideally defining, ISMs are an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief which denotes action/process, philosophies, principles, ideologies, syndromes etc. A concept that has often haunted the world in innumerable ways.

With the video featuring Swara Bhaskar - an Indian actress & activist, Sushant Divgikr an LGBTQ influencer, Anjali Lama – an unconventional model, Varshita Thatavarthi – another stereotype-defying model, Shivani Boruah - a street style blogger from north-east India, Angira Dhar - a talented actress, Abhishek Paatni - a bold designer, Nirmika Singh - a journalist and song writer. The video displays a strong portrayal of people taking a stand against these common issues which are otherwise not talked about and often frowned upon. With the idea to “Uncolour the isms of the world,” the message that they wish to put out is delivered in an impactful manner through their attitude and body language that symbolizes defiance. Much like taking a step into the beginning of a new world, the video confronts the audience with a seemingly endless barrage of these negative ‘isms’ that have been holding us back. It attempts to act like an eye-opener to these concepts of systemic injustice that exist right before us, without us bothering ourselves with them.

With an initiative like this, Absolut India looks to iron the creases and begin a journey towards a better world, which might not be possible today or tomorrow but only with constant perseverance.