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Acko simplifies health insurance claims for maximum 80D deduction in 2024

By following guidelines and understanding policy features, policyholders can ensure smooth claim processing and avoid rejections.

Suppose you face an unexpected medical emergency; the last thing you want in your mind is a complex claiming process in your health insurance plan or missing out on significant tax deductions. Well, this is where Acko steps in. Being a digital-first health insurance provider, the company goes beyond just offering you medical coverage. They also aim at streamlining your claiming experience and maximising saving taxes under Section 80D.

Continue reading to know more about the health insurance claim process at ACKO

What are the different types of health insurance claims?

Acko tends to provide two different types of claiming processes on their health insurance policies. They are discussed as follows:

Cashless health insurance

This method allows you to receive treatment without paying the entire hospital bill upfront. It requires treatment at a network hospital and the presentation of your Cashless Health Card. Your insurer settles the bills directly with the healthcare provider. However, a small deductible may be applicable.

Reimbursement claims

With this method, you can select any hospital for treatment, even if it's not in the insurer's network. You pay the total cost upfront, collect all necessary documents and receipts, and then file a claim for reimbursement. After the applicable deductions, your insurer will reimburse the claim amount.

How does Acko’s health insurance claim processes work?

To understand how the claiming process of Acko’s health insurance works or what steps to follow to claim your policy, look at the section below.

Cashless claim process

Here are the steps to follow regarding the cashless claiming process of your health insurance policy.

Step 1: Understand your policy

Learn about the benefits and limitations of your health insurance coverage first. This information will help you navigate the healthcare system and avoid having your claim denied. Check out the list of network hospitals that are connected to Acko as well. In the event of an emergency, you must go to one of the network hospitals to receive cashless care. It is crucial to choose an insurance provider with a large network of hospitals as a result.

Step 2: Contact Acko

The insured does not have to keep track of bills while filing a cashless claim. Alternatively, they might get in touch with the Third-Party Administration (TPA) or the insurance provider. They will help you fill out a Pre-Authorisation Form, which is necessary in order for your cashless health insurance coverage to approve claims. You will need to show your Cashless Health Card and identification throughout this process.

Reimbursement claim process

Here are the steps to follow regarding the reimbursement claiming process of your health insurance policy.

Step 1: Notify Acko

If you start receiving treatment at your chosen hospital, it is important to inform Acko regardless of whether you plan to file a reimbursement claim sooner or later.

Step 2: Complete the application

Obtain the claim form by downloading it from Acko’s website. Fill out this form and attach all required documents, such as bills and discharge summaries.

Step 3: Post-hospitalisation

After your hospital stay, Acko may request a fitness certificate. If you receive any treatment after hospitalisation, submit those bills too. Within a few weeks, your claim will be processed, and you will get the maximum claim amount.

Now that you know how simple ACKO’s claim process is and how seamless it is for the insured to benefit from the 80D deductions

Benefits of choosing ACKO for health insurance

Apart from simplifying the claiming process as well as maximising the tax deductions, there are other advantages that ACKO offers on their health insurance plans. Some are discussed below:

  • Transparent and reasonably priced: ACKO uses technology to provide health insurance policies with reasonably priced, transparent premiums. Before making a purchase, you may quickly and simply compare plans and obtain quotations online.

  • Emphasis on client experience: A seamless and trouble-free client experience is top priority for ACKO. You can effortlessly manage your insurance, submit claims, and contact customer service with their user-friendly app.

  • Broad network of hospitals: In addition to providing a  cashless service almost everywhere, ACKO has a large network of affiliated hospitals all throughout India. For increased convenience, this network enables you to receive cashless hospitalisation benefits at these establishments.

How to avoid health insurance claim rejections? 

Now that you have understood the eligibility criteria to avail tax deduction against your health insurance policy, it is important for you to be aligned with the ways to avoid rejections of policy claims. Follow these guidelines so that you can reap the benefits:

  • Declare every pre-existing condition when buying the policy.

  • Try to notify the insurer promptly for both planned and unplanned hospitalisations.

  • For reimbursement claims keep original medical reports, discharge summaries, bills, and payment receipts.

  • Understand your policy's features, claim procedure, inclusions, exclusions, and waiting period.

  • Remember that cashless claims are only valid at network hospitals specified in your plan.

The bottom line 

Knowing how to navigate health insurance claims is crucial. ACKO's straightforward processes for cashless and reimbursement claims simplify the process and help you maximise 80D deductions. By following guidelines and understanding policy features, policyholders can ensure smooth claim processing and avoid rejections.

If you liked the simplicity of their claim process visit ACKO’s website and browse their plans too. 

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