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Ads that match the moment make an impact

Audio ads help brands leverage in a no-scroll, no-swipe environment with a targeted approach based on their mood, mindset, habit, and taste.

Music has been instrumental in coping with our new routines. The soothing voice of Arijit, a peppy number by AP Dhillon, or a calming podcast by Neelesh Misra has helped listeners cope with many a difficult day. Moments with audio follow the listener through the day and across devices, creating different listening experiences. Whether it's while doing daily chores such as cooking, working out, or spending time with family, the versatility of audio makes it engaging and personal.

Audio advertising allows your brand to create a personal connection with consumers in moments when other mediums are unable to do so. On average, the Indian listener spends 2.5 hours per day on audio and 80% of this time, they can’t be reached through visual media1. So with just display or video advertising, you are missing out on valuable time with your audience.

Ads that match the moment make an impact

Ads that match the moment, make an impact

With Spotify, you can be sure that your message will get noticed: get your ads delivered in the moments listeners are most receptive in a no swipe, no scroll environment.

A deep understanding of listeners and a connection with them throughout their day can help create and deliver messages that enhance rather than interrupt the moment. 75% of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize their moment or setting2. Spotify helps brands reach consumers in the right moment, and the results are - 2.7x higher awareness and 5.3x higher intent than campaigns with basic demographic targeting2.

Audio strikes the right chord

Multi-device listeners in India stream music for 2.5 hours per day1. These are precious screenless moments on screenless devices such as home speakers, cars, gaming consoles, smart TVs.

Ads that match the moment make an impact

Audio is being valued as a great outlet to deal with visual fatigue from screens and uplift the mood or ease anxiety. For 56% of Spotify’s Gen Z audience screen-less moments offer a nice escape from a world of visual, overload.4

With over 4 billion playlists on Spotify — whether they are working, cooking, relaxing, or even sleeping, there are endless opportunities to know what your audience is listening to and you can match your creative to that vibe.

Spotify continues to learn about how people listen in real-time through our streaming intelligence — first-party, contextual data that reveal moods, mindsets, habits, and tastes in the moment.

Audio brings moment marketing to life for you to reach a mom in Mumbai when she listens to focus playlists in the afternoon as she works from home, fitness playlists when she is working out, and sleep playlists when she’s putting her kids to bed.

Audio allows you to go well beyond primary data related to age, gender, location, and device type and really own a moment.

Playlist keywords give Spotify clues to the listeners’ context in the moment they’re listening: their setting and their current genre preference. Campaigns that include playlist targeting drive 2.1x higher intent than campaigns that don’t3.

Ads that match the moment make an impact

Create the right sensory mix

Multi-format campaigns (audio & video) showed a 1.8x increase in ad recall than video ads alone5. From playful statics and creative videos during screen time, to immersive audio as the consumer moves to non-screen devices, multimedia campaigns ensure that your brand complements the consumer’s device journey.

On Spotify, the sound-on environment lets you tell stories with both audio and visual elements — and you can be confident they’re being seen and heard. We’ve seen that running both video and audio increases ad recall by 90% and results in a 2.2x increase in brand awareness5. This sensory combination extends your creative options, giving you the best of both.

Capture the imagination of the listener

Our brains process information through audio 22x faster than through visualizations6. With audio, there’s no limit to storytelling — it can communicate emotions, capture moods in seconds, engaging listeners to fill in gaps with their imagination.

Here are some ideas for an audio creative on Spotify, which will inspire you to try some things that haven’t been done before:

● Provide an elevated sensory experience with a full sonic palette - ASMR, 3D audio, immersive effects, entertaining narration, and great music - to tell memorable stories.

● Explore sequential messaging, telling a story from one ad to the next.

● Use your audio identity, an audio signature, or jingle! The familiarity offers an impactful way to enhance the listener’s sonic environment and effectively get their attention.

And because all of this can be done in a personal, one-to-one manner with no clutter, audio is disruptive without disturbing.

Get your brand heard in the moment that makes the most impact. Whether you're taking the first steps in exploring the power of audio on Spotify or looking to connect with an audience that is difficult to reach otherwise, now's the time to act.

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