Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Amazon delivers a heartwarming brother-sister tale in its new Raksha Bandhan ad film

A sibling is the first friend we make in life. They are like the glass which protects us and through which we grow up to see the world. From taking the blame of our misadventures to sneaking us in from our unofficial night outs, they play almost every role there is - best friend, partner in crime, confidant, and more. In spite of pulling each other's legs, making us run their errands, and innumerable meaningless quarrels, the bond still remains pure and irreplaceable. And celebrating this special relationship is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. A festival which binds brothers and sisters in a unique bond and cherishes the memories created over the years.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant which is known to have mastery over creative campaigns, recently launched its Raksha Bandhan campaign - #DeliverTheLove. As part of the campaign, an ad film was released by the brand across its digital platforms. In the film, the brand has beautifully weaved together a heartwarming story of little Sonu and his trouble to tie a Rakhi. The film creates a curiosity among the audience and successfully strikes the right emotional chord while delivering the brand's message.

The film starts with Sonu trying to tie an old Rakhi – hiding it from everyone – even his elder sister. He keeps trying to tie the Rakhi all by himself, leaving the viewers puzzled as to why he wants to do so. But all his attempts go in vain and he keeps on failing – attempt after attempt. Eventually, the film progresses and the distressed Sonu can be seen in a school uniform, almost ready to leave. Here the story unfolds and it is brought to the notice of the audience that he is leaving for the hostel. While his Simi Didi asks him to learn how to tie the knot of his tie as she won't be with him anymore, the overwhelmed Sonu shows her the old Rakhi and asks her to help him learn how to tie this as well – because he won't be able to do it otherwise. This is followed by an emotional moment between the two, highlighting the immense value that a mere thread holds in a person's heart.

In addition to the beautiful storyline and exceptional portrayal of little Sonu, the soulful song played in the background perfectly captures the tussle that the brother is going through. The lyrics poetically express how the “sire”, the two ends of the thread that bind their hearts, are “ziddi” – stubborn, and won’t tie.

Though the story is of a little brother and his sister, all of us have had our 'Sonu' and 'Simi' moment - a universal struggle felt by brothers who cannot come home or be present for Raksha Bandhan. The film takes all these brothers and sisters back to a nostalgic time, leaving their minds sentimental and hearts filled with joy.

Talking about the response, the film's story and the message have been highly praised and appreciated. In a few days since its release, the video has gathered over 11 million views on YouTube alone.

What's also noteworthy is the fresh and new approach that the brand has taken to spread its proposition. From being a brand which covers millions of miles to reach their customers and get their products delivered, in this campaign, they are talking about bridging the gap between the hearts. Thereby, successfully releasing a film that urges its customers to not just send a gift to their loved ones, but to #DeliverTheLove themselves. So, this Raksha Bandhan, why send gifts when you can deliver love. And what's better than doing it with your trusted online partner - Amazon.

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