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Apollo 24/7 launches 'MAA Samjhe Bachho Ko' ad film, celebrating mothers

While mothers understand their children like no one else, Apollo 24/7 aims to be the platform that understands and supports mothers.

Apollo 24/7 has introduced a new ad film titled MAA Samjhe Bachho Ko for its Celebrating Mothers campaign, spotlighting the unique and instinctive bond between mothers and their children. The campaign film portrays mothers' unparalleled ability to understand their babies’ needs, a skill that Apollo 24/7 likens to its extensive range of baby care products.

In the ad, viewers are treated to a series of endearing scenes in which mothers intuitively decipher their babies' gurgles, cries, and babbles—actions that bewilder the narrator. This narrative underscores a poignant message: while mothers understand their children like no one else, Apollo 24/7 aims to be the platform that understands and supports mothers.

The core insight behind Celebrating Mothers is the deep, instinctual connection between a mother and her baby. The film captures this bond with a light-hearted and playful touch, emphasising that no translator can interpret a baby’s emotions and needs as accurately as a mother can. 

However, these same mothers often face the challenge of finding all necessary mom and baby care products on a single platform. They are frequently occupied with caring for their baby, handling household chores, and working as well. Apollo 24/7 addresses this issue by providing an extensive range of mother-care and baby-care products in one place.

This heart-fluttering campaign is part of Apollo 24/7’s broader strategy to establish itself as the leading platform for all healthcare needs of mothers and their babies. By offering a comprehensive selection of mom and baby care products, Apollo 24/7 aims to become the go-to source for convenience, reliability, and exceptional care.

With the added promise of delivery within two hours, Apollo 24/7 aims to ensure that mothers receive the support and convenience they need, simplifying their lives and reinforcing its position as a trusted source for mom and baby care.

For nearly four decades, Apollo has set the standard for quality healthcare in India. Now, with its online services, Apollo 24/7 continues this tradition of care, empathy, and reliability, ensuring access to its services no matter where people are.

With the Celebrating Mothers campaign Apollo 24/7's invites viewers to appreciate the vital role of mothers, showcasing its unwavering commitment to supporting them in every way possible.

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