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AppMySite launches Agency White-Label, transforming app development and reselling for agencies

It lets agencies seamlessly integrate app development into their services, offering unlimited branding possibilities and fostering revenue growth.

In a strategic leap towards transforming the landscape of app development services, AppMySite has launched its game-changing Agency White-Label. This groundbreaking solution is meticulously crafted for agency leaders, offering them the power to seamlessly white-label the app-building platform and resell apps adorned with their unique brand identity.

Tailored to meet the needs of agencies aiming to elevate their service offerings with bespoke app development, the Agency White-Label emerges as the ideal solution for effortlessly integrating custom-branded apps into their expansive suite of services.

This innovative white-labelled app builder endows agencies with complete white-label capabilities, empowering them to host the platform directly on their domain. The integration of app development into the agency's service repertoire not only unlocks unparalleled growth opportunities but also enables diversification on a scale previously unimagined.

Crafted to cater to a myriad of agency types, including design, development, brand, creative, digital, media, and advertising agencies, the Agency White-Label becomes the gateway to new possibilities. It breathes life into high-value app projects, infusing a personalised touch that resonates with diverse client profiles.

Key features

  • Tailored solutions for agencies:

    Ideal for effortlessly integrating custom-branded apps into extensive service offerings.

  • Unlimited customers

    Let’s agencies onboard an infinite number of customers, without limitations.

  • Unlimited apps

    Let’s the agency’s clients create as many free apps as they need. Agencies can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions as required.

  • Complete white-label capabilities

    Empowers agencies to host the platform directly on their domain.

  • Grow revenue

    Agencies can set their own pricing for the apps they resell, enabling them to scale revenue without limits.

  • Versatility across agency types

    Catering to design, development, brand, creative, digital, media, and advertising agencies.

Brand enhancement

AppMySite's Agency Solution not only provides agencies with full white-label capabilities but also elevates their brand prominence by allowing seamless display of their name and logo across the platform, plugins, and automated emails. This unified brand image not only signifies professionalism but also presents a cohesive identity for their business.

Customer onboarding

A standout feature of the Agency White-Label solution is its streamlined customer onboarding process, ensuring that agencies operate seamlessly and empower their clients to expand without constraints, thereby maximising revenue potential.

Autonomy for agencies

AppMySite launches Agency White-Label, transforming app development and reselling for agencies

Beyond being just a tool, AppMySite's Agency solution grants agencies complete autonomy. From independently managing accounts and user subscriptions to setting pricing within a transparent platform, this level of control enables agencies to tailor their services to meet individual client needs, fostering sustainability and facilitating revenue growth.

Diverse applications

Tailored for growth and explicitly designed for agencies, AppMySite's Agency White-Label opens up new horizons for a diverse range of agency types. Whether you're a design agency, development agency, brand agency, creative agency, digital agency, media agency, or advertising agency, this solution stands ready to unlock untapped potential.

Empowering agencies with robust features for rapid scalability, the Agency White-Label allows seamless hosting on your domain, complete white-labelling, and efficient customer management through a user-friendly dashboard. With direct support and a white-labelled WordPress plugin for simplified website-to-app connections, collaboration becomes effortless, making it an indispensable tool for streamlined app development services.

For agencies ready to embark on the white-label app development journey with AppMySite, the sign-up process involves three straightforward steps: Create, Rebrand, and Sell.

AppMySite doesn't just present an innovative solution; it opens the door to a multitude of revenue opportunities for agencies. By leveraging this powerful solution, agencies can significantly slash development costs, broaden their service spectrum, and exercise precise control over the platform and pricing.

Navigating the intricate landscape of app development becomes a breeze with AppMySite's Agency solution. Equipped with expert support, the platform ensures seamless alignment with the agency's branding, covering everything from domain hosting to customer management and even WordPress plugin creation. As agencies focus on business growth, AppMySite takes charge of the nuanced aspects of technology and innovation.

For a deeper understanding, agencies can explore more information on AppMySite's website.

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