Shantanu Pandey
Marketing Initiative

Axis Bank’s latest heart-warming campaign represents one language that is yet to get its due

The film #23in23 made a case for Indian Sign Language to be officially recognized as the 23rd language in 2023.

India has 22 official languages. It wasn’t always 22. Back in 1967, it was 14. Then Sindhi was added. Through another amendment in 1992 Konkani, Manipuri (Meitei) and Nepali were added and in 2003 Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santali.

There’s one language that is still unrecognised as an official language in India. It is one that about 6.3% of India’s population is likely to use. Any guesses?

It’s “The Indian Sign Language”.

Axis Bank set out with the intention to initiate change this Republic Day. As India celebrated the adoption of India’s Constitution, Axis Bank wanted to open the minds of Indians to a new perspective. Axis Bank’s #23in23 campaign aimed at getting Indian Sign Language officially recognised as the 23rd language in 2023.

The idea behind this campaign is that every means of communication should remain open and accessible to people. The patriotic song "Saare Jahaan Se Accha" plays in the background, emphasising the inclusiveness message.

As a part of the campaign, the brand has also re-released its ‘Dil Se Open’ campaign ad films in sign language. The creative campaigns highlighted various aspects of Indian culture, thoughts and traditions.

Staying true to their brand philosophy of being ‘Dil Se Open’, Axis Bank has always stood and taken a stand for social causes, with notable campaigns such as ‘Reverse The Khata’, ‘Pause The Bargain’, ‘Shop Wali Shopping’, and ‘Maa Maaf Nahi Karegi’.

More often than not, representation in films, advertisements, and popular culture normalises even the most isolated of trends, behaviours, patterns, and ideas. It is why we love it when we see an Indian essaying a role in Western movies, it is why we aspire to be something we never thought possible, and it is what gives us all hope and inspiration.

With this series of ads in sign language, Axis Bank is making a significant contribution to the recognition and inclusion of ISL in India.

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