Darshim Saxena
Marketing Initiative

Beat the Heat with Lloyd’s Grande Feature-Loaded Heavy Duty Air Conditioner

India’s air conditioning market is expected to see a boom from 30 million to a billion units by 2050.

India recorded its warmest march this year since 1901. Even in the states with virtually no history of heatwaves like Himachal Pradesh, extreme temperatures are being recorded. The number of states affected by the heat waves stood at 28 in 2019, up from 19 the year before.

No wonder all of us are huddling towards air conditioners to beat the heat and stay safe and comfortable. Yet, not only are air conditioners considered expensive, but they are also associated with high electricity bills. Lloyd understands such issues and more and has now come up with not just a heavy-duty air conditioner but a feature-loaded heavy-duty air conditioner.

Lloyd’s television commercial with the uber-cool Ranveer Singh and chirpy Deepika Padukone shows that today's consumers purchase air conditioners only after thoroughly evaluating their choices and Lloyd’s meticulously crafted air conditioners stand strong in all of their considerations. Truly said in the commercial, Deepika’s choice has never been anything less than the very best.

The sun shows no signs of relenting. Investing in a good quality air-conditioner is not just a luxury, but a necessity now in homes and office spaces. Lloyd’s Grandé Heavy-Duty air conditioner claims incredible cooling even in 60-degree ambient temperature with a 15-meter air throw and smart 4-way swing to cool each corner of the room without leaving any pockets.

Plus, it has in-built wifi and can be operated from anywhere and at any time. Can you imagine how relieving it would be to come back to your home after a tiring day outside and find it cool and comfy without needing to hunt for a remote? Yes, it is voice-enabled and can be operated by Google Home Device or any other smart interfaced device too.

The next concern that is often on any person’s mind who wishes to purchase a heavy-duty air consideration is durability. Lloyd’s Grandé Air Conditioner’s corrosion-resistant coating ensures that it is tough and sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions.

Lloyd has not just taken care of the strength of its air conditioner but also your health. With a plasma protective shield, it protects your house against bacteria and viruses and provides fresh air keeping PM 2.5 at bay. It is indeed a boon for those who battle with allergies during this season and can’t stop sneezing.

Lloyd’s air conditioner also ensures that you have a blissful sleep at night because you deserve nothing but the very best. There will be uniform cooling throughout the night, and you can also dim or turn off the LED display of the air conditioner as per your wishes.

It is ironic how we keep our homes cool but add more heat to the environment with our air conditioners. By opting for Lloyd’s Grandé Air Conditioner, customers will make not just their homes a happier place but also the planet. It utilizes R-32 refrigerant, which has zero ozone depleting repercussions and almost no global warming impact.

India’s air conditioning market is expected to see a boom from 30 million to a billion units by 2050. Through consistent innovation with customer experience as a priority, Lloyd is expected to ride the wave. The Television Commercial assures the customers that Lloyd will successfully keep its promise of - “khyal rakhenge, khush rakhenge”.

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