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CAT Productions aces the chart with the Mercedes Benz Value Services Film as the year goes by

CAT Productions has the challenge of blending the Mercedes clientele and its Value services with the endearing idea of nostalgia.

Kochi-based CAT Productions has displayed their prowess through their classy ads right from their maiden endeavor. The team has set their standards a notch higher each time and now the Mercedes-Benz Value Services ad has placed them at a pedestal, unmatched and untouched so far.

Being digital film experts, they maintain an uncompromising quality in each piece of art they weave out through their video productions. Recently, Mercedes-Benz noticed this inimitable “CAT quality’ and wanted to associate with CAT Productions for their Value Services ad.

The pre-ad discussions with the Mercedes team revealed the most important element – the unfurling of nostalgic memories only a Mercedes can evoke. Each car is a cornucopia of memories - the moments worth reliving a thousand times in a lifetime. CAT Productions has the challenge of blending the Mercedes clientele and its Value services with the endearing idea of nostalgia.

The theme was anchored on the ever-cherished father-daughter relation with a refreshing tint, and how an old Mercedes car brings back a fresh surge of past moments to them. The idea to put across was subtle - the Value Services of Mercedes and the memory recapture - both amalgamated with a delightful note.

"The father-daughter relationship told in ad films is very common. But it's always fresh, and its value never fades. When we sat with Mercedes-Benz and our agency team x, our focus was on how to set the story in a canvas that fits a 'Mercedes Benz Customer' profile, especially, when this particular film communicates the ' Value Services' of the brand. We kept this thought in all aspects of the making. Based on that, we selected the technicians, actors, locations, etc.”, says Chachu Jacob, who is the director as well as the CCO of CAT Productions.

Behind The Scenes Video :

As mentioned, from the location to the cast and crew, every detail was carefully selected to match the priceless value that has to be conveyed to the target audience. "The production of this film was extremely challenged by the weather. Initially, it was planned to shoot at Mahabaleshwar. The location was locked, and the shoot was also scheduled, but the arrival of the monsoon tore our plans apart. Then we had to find a location with similar features to that of Mahabaleshwar in no time, and we finally found a unique place in the Munnar Hills, and the whole production shifted there immediately," says Amarnath Sankar, founder-CEO of CAT Productions.

Despite the unforeseen challenge of the location shift, every inch of the ad conveys what Mercedes wanted – touching people’s hearts with a rekindled flame of memories! The team’s dedication, co-ordination and the passion to conceive the best is clearly evident throughout the project. The mood of a nostalgic rainy day runs through the ad representing fond sentiments of the past. From the chilly gush of wind to the magnetic natural backdrop to the elegant yet simple cast, the nostalgic ‘Value’ is conveyed with finesse, clarity and simplicity.

Amaranth is right on point when he says, “Our clients are specific about their business communication as well as their targeted group of audience. We help them achieve their communication intent with the video content we create, which I believe are creatively superlative and technically flawless.” 

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