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Center fresh launches ‘Love Songs' an innovative campaign for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and Center fresh sure does know how to capture the moment!

Perfetti Van Melle India's Center fresh has a way of bringing a fresh approach to their campaigns embodying the nucleus of fresh breath confidence. The usual way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is observed with gifts like teddy bears, chocolates, cards, but the brand is looking to break the monotony. This time around, with a fresh packaging of a new limited-edition mono pack with the smallest QR code to help youngsters get their “dil ki baat zubaan pe” with Center fresh Love Songs!

Let’s check out what the razzmatazz is all about…

As you scan the QR code, you land on a microsite that’s built-in collaboration with JioSaavn. The exciting part – once you input your details (name, mood, relationship type, music type, language, and voice type), the AI-recommendation engine creates a hyper-personalized playlist ready to be shared with your special someone.

Center fresh launches ‘Love Songs' an innovative campaign for Valentine’s Day

The magic doesn’t stop here, there’s innovation at its core even on the receiver’s end. Once the receiver clicks on the link, they are greeted with the AI audio note (probably an industry-first), that expresses the sender’s “dil ki baat zubaan pe” and it works!

The brand has also roped in a fresh pairing of the new “Roshan” – Pashmina Roshan – with Gen Z heart throb Rohit Saraf in an adorable film.

Rohit and Pashmina were also seen posting about the campaign:

The brand has leveled up yet again in pioneering into the space of digital innovation catering to their audience who are tech and digital savvy. According to the sources, Wavemaker was behind the conceptualization and facilitation of the entire campaign, with the support of Creativeland Asia and Ogilvy. All in all, the brand took a very interesting and unique approach this Valentine’s Day.

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