Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

CIPLA’s campaign featuring Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap busts myths around inhalers

CIPLA’s #BerokZindagi campaign has Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna and Arjuna awardee badminton player Parupalli Kashyap educating viewers about the usage of inhalers.

India is a nation with a population of over 136 crores, out of which about 6% children and 2% of adults have asthma. 6 out of the top 10 most polluted cities are from India, being a country with deteriorating pollution levels, dealing with a respiratory ailment is a major concern that numerous people deal with day in and day out.

CIPLA in their recently launched campaign #BerokZindagi aims to dispel the myths that exist around asthma & the use of inhalers. With this campaign, they have tried to bust myths & reduce fear regarding inhalers and encourage asthmatics to enjoy life without limitations. India has over 37 million cases of asthma, despite this huge number, the usage of inhalers has been drastically low. Cipla looks forward to educating people about the usage of inhalers with their Asthma Ke Liye #InhalersHainSahi messaging.

Through their campaign video, CIPLA emphasises on the most common questions that arise when one is first prescribed an inhaler. The campaign is more authentic because it incorporates a first-person perspective. The campaign video features Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna and Arjuna awardee badminton player Parupalli Kashyap, two renowned personalities who have overcome asthma. With their help, the campaign video annihilates myths & answers the most common questions people have. The video also throws light on how one overcome obstacles and work towards achieving a successful and fulfilled life, much like Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap.

Curated with a focused messaging of ‘Asthma Ke Liye #InhalersHainSahi’ and backed by celebrities who have experienced and tackled this issue, the campaign encourages viewers to correct misconceptions & make educated decisions. With the idea of addressing these social stigmas through user education, the campaign emphasises on eliminating the fear prevalent around inhalers.