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Community-Driven content marketing set to revolutionize podcast landscape: Internet Lifestyle Hub and Ideabrew Studios announce partnership

In a groundbreaking initiative, Internet Lifestyle Hub (ILH), the largest online coaching and training community in India, and Ideabrew Studios, India's leading audio network, have joined forces to disrupt the marketing space. This first-of-its-kind partnership is set to revolutionize community-driven content distribution, specifically in the realm of podcasting, showcasing the evolving face of content marketing in India.

Boasting a network of 450 podcasts, 200 creators, and a listenership in millions, Ideabrew Studios hosts a myriad of influential creators including Ankur Warikoo, Ayaz Memon, Abhash Jha, Dr.Cuterus, Rachana Ranade, and Aanam Chasmawala, among others. Now, with this partnership, Siddharth Rajsekar, founder of Internet Lifestyle Hub, joins the illustrious list.

The collaboration leverages Ideabrew's extensive reach and ILH's 26,000 strong community to deliver diverse and insightful content to a broader audience. The partnership will also provide a unique opportunity for ILH's Diamond Members to publish two podcast episodes weekly, totaling eight per month, on any topic related to their niche.

Each podcast will bear the distinctive ILH Stamp and contain links back to the website and funnel, integrating community-driven content marketing and allowing wisdom to go viral. This innovative approach positions podcasts not just as a medium for information but also as a potent tool for content marketing.

Harnessing the power of Ideabrew's content management system (CMS), the collaboration will distribute podcasts across 100+ platforms, significantly broadening community reach. Speaking at ILH's Reboot 2023 event, Ideabrew Studios co-founder Ashwin Gangakhedkar underscored the importance of creating a unique sonic identity, calling it a boon for marketers.

"Being a podcast host helps coaches solidify their reputation as respected industry authorities, as audiences perceive podcasters to be knowledgeable domain experts worth following. It's the best example of thought leadership, a key tenet of content marketing," he added.

In the dynamic marketing ecosystem, content has increasingly become a primary driver of customer engagement and business growth. With this partnership, Internet Lifestyle Hub and Ideabrew Studios have reinvented the marketing landscape, connecting creators and listeners in more engaging and meaningful ways. This initiative is expected to pioneer a trend towards community-driven content marketing, offering innovative solutions to marketers in India.

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