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Dabur Hajmola's memes add ‘Chatkara’ to trending conversations

The brand's journey with memes navigates through Bollywood nods, viral trends, and a commitment to relatable laughter and relevant topicality.

In an era dominated by digital trends and relatable content, Hajmola has deftly ventured into the realm of memes, establishing a robust connection with online audiences.

The brand's embrace of memes, epitomised by the hashtag #BaatHajamNahiHui, has been drawing the attention of millennial and gen Z netizens for its innovative approach to engaging digital audiences. Hajmola has carved a distinct niche in meme culture with its unique ideology and a commitment to staying current with the times.

Dabur Hajmola's memes add ‘Chatkara’ to trending conversations

Recognising the universal appeal of memes, Hajmola harnesses their power to communicate beyond cultural and linguistic boundaries. The brand's social media channels have transformed into a virtual meme haven, offering a daily dose of laughter and relatability.

The hashtag #BaatHajamNahiHui encapsulates the essence of Hajmola's meme journey, transcending its literal meaning to become a metaphor for life's challenges and unexpected twists – events that are difficult to digest. By aligning with the highs and lows of real-life experiences, Hajmola positions itself as a brand that not only understands but also empathises with its consumers.

Dabur Hajmola's memes add ‘Chatkara’ to trending conversations

The memes follow a spontaneous rhythm, devoid of rigid protocols. The guiding principles remain centred on humour, relatability, topicality, and a swift turnaround time. Emphasis is placed on delivering quality content that brings a smile to the reader's face.

Hajmola’s memes touch on diverse topics, from India VS Pakistan in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s viral ‘cage match’ feud and even the relatable public demand for an extension on the ITR filing deadline. 

Dabur Hajmola's memes add ‘Chatkara’ to trending conversations

Mr. Ajay Singh Parihar,  head of marketing- OTC Healthcare, Dabur India, says, " The brand's focus is on connecting with its audience through 'Chatkara' puns that align with its ideology. In the crowded landscape of social media, maintaining freshness and a unique perspective is essential to avoid getting lost in the crowd.

With a focus on creativity and a willingness to explore diverse topics, the brand aims to continue resonating with its audience. While trending hashtags have a limited lifespan, Hajmola has successfully established a long-term digital presence, ensuring consistency in tonality over the years.

Dabur Hajmola's memes add ‘Chatkara’ to trending conversations

Hajmola's meme strategy extends beyond mere entertainment, significantly contributing to building brand awareness. The relatable content sparks conversations, prompting consumers to share their own hard-to-digest moments using #BaatHajamNahiHui. This user-generated content not only expands the brand's reach but also fosters a sense of community among consumers.

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