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Exploring the CTV & OTT Advertising Landscape: Q&A with Amritpal Bedi of

In an insightful discussion, he throws light on the potential of CTV & OTT advertising, trends hitting the India region, the benefits CTV offers advertisers, and how to leverage it for a seamless user experience.

In our evolving digital landscape, technological advancements like robust internet penetration, fiber roll out, and affordable smart TVs are shaping the way that audiences consume media. With a considerable shift of consumers toward over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms over recent years and during the pandemic, advertisers now have an unprecedented and exciting opportunity to reach their audiences efficiently and effectively through connected TV (CTV). While CTV not only has the benefit of being “smarter” than the traditional televisions that have come before, it can also be integrated into a wider omnichannel video strategy to make a powerful impact on viewers.

Here’s what Amritpal Bedi, senior vice president – global operations & country head – India at had to say about the potential of CTV & OTT advertising, trends hitting the India region, the benefits CTV offers advertisers and how to leverage it for a seamless user experience.

Amritpal Bedi
Amritpal Bedi

Edited Excerpts...

How important is it for brands to be leveraging CTV & OTT for their advertising efforts?

In a country like India, we are witnessing an explosive growth of CTV & OTT viewership which means advertising on CTV & OTT are the next big opportunities for brands. CTV viewing has increased by 31% in India and the OTT video market is growing at 22% CAGR. During the lockdowns, India’s internet penetration increased by 45% which resulted in an overall increase of 75% viewership in OTT subscriptions. This explosive growth presents brands with an exciting opportunity to leverage video - the most powerful way to emotionally connect with consumers both in and outside of their homes.

If an agency wants to start advertising on CTV & OTT – what are important considerations?

For any brand or agency to get started on CTV and OTT, they need to choose a strong advertising partner that will help them stand out from the clutter. There are several important questions to consider when working with your advertising partner: Will your ads render perfectly both in-stream and out-stream on any screen size? Do they have viewability standards to ensure your ad is being seen? Are the ad formats scalable across premium high quality inventory? What KPIs are used to measure success beyond the view?

With the proliferation of content on OTT platforms, the potential for creative advertising has never been greater. Forward-thinking brands will harness the opportunity to re-imagine ad breaks and explore new creative formats that will improve the video ad experience for viewers.

How do CTV & OTT fit into an omnichannel campaign?

The most attractive aspect of CTV & OTT is its potential for omnichannel video marketing.

Users today watch videos across multiple devices throughout the day. The average person might browse through the morning news sites while commuting, peruse retails sites during a work break on their desktop and then go home to stream shows on a smart TV at the end of the day. What this means for advertisers is the opportunity to engage viewers more effectively across multiple screens whether consumers are in a lean-in (mobile & desktop) or lean-back (CTV) mindset.

An omnichannel marketing solution gives brands the opportunity to be in front of consumers on multiple screens - enabling consistent brand messages to be sent across the digital spectrum. This consistent exposure from one touchpoint to another is what omnichannel marketing is all about.

What about linear TV – can CTV & OTT complement it?

CTV & OTT can definitely complement linear TV ads. CTV & OTT ads can help extend a brand’s TV reach to more relevant audiences and households with more accurate targeting, delivery and measurement. Also, CTV & OTT ads can be more personalized based on location, demographics, audience behaviour, interests, etc. which creates deeper connections with consumers and drives better engagement. For many advertisers, CTV & OTT can be a more cost-effective way to access premium inventory from a marketplace of curated content.

What can brands and advertisers expect working with on a CTV or OTT video ad campaign? helps brands connect with consumers in meaningful ways. Our CTV & OTT solutions combine addressability, interaction, relevancy and influence to magnify your brand in the eyes of audiences who matter most. Our proprietary ad formats are built in-house and can be served across multiple screen sizes to drive maximum impact for your brand. Additionally, clients can expect access to premium inventory, robust audience targeting and high viewability standards for all campaigns.

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