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Ferns N Petals is now FNP- Understanding the ‘Why’ Behind Brand Identity Change

India’s leading flower retailer Ferns N Petals is going through a change of its brand identity as well as its positioning.

Brand Identity change is not a new concept. But, a 27-year-old brand doing it certainly raises the eyebrows. Isn’t it? We are talking about India’s leading gifting brand Ferns N Petals changing its brand name to FNP, changing the logo and so on.

Ferns N Petals stands tall as the oldest player in the floral gifting world. It was the first brand to organize the unorganized flower mandis and open premium retail stores to sell flowers. With time, it became the Number 1 flower brand which also ventured into the online space and every aspect of the brand spoke the floral language.

But as they say- Change is the only constant in life, Ferns N Petals added different categories under its umbrella - Cakes, Plants, Personalised Gifts, and Chocolates to name a few. Interestingly, over the recent few years, cakes as a gift category started generating approximately 40% of the company’s revenues. With the other categories also contributing, the journey from ‘just a flower’ brand to a multi-category gifting brand had already begun. Also, since the name Ferns N Petals is more flowery, the need of the hour was to have a sub-category agnostic brand name. Thus, emerged the new Brand ‘FNP’, being repositioned as the one-stop for all gifting needs.

Well, the need for repositioning is quite clear but why change the logo? Where the old logo had elements of flowers forming a bouquet, the new one has a gift box that speaks the language of gifting. The gift box subtly signifies that FNP is lot more than just a flower retailer and comes with an ocean of solutions catering to all the gifting needs irrespective of the category. To show consistency with the brand ethos and vision, and to complete the repositioning and rebranding loop- the new logo was created.

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What is the new and improved Brand Ethos- FNP is not just an occasion-specific Brand. But, a brand that promotes the celebration of emotions. Emotions are at the heart of everything that happens at FNP. And to communicate this to the world the brand has roped in Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor as the brand ambassadors. The duo shares a very close bond- almost as close as a father-daughter bond. No matter the situation, gifting is all about emotions and that is exactly the storyline for FNPs TV Commercial starring Anil & Janhvi Kapoor. Watch the TVC here to see how FNP has evolved as a new-age gifting brand.

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